Bloglines Scheduled Outages

If you rely heavily upon Bloglines for your Blogging then you might like to schedule a lighter day today as they are having significant upgrades as they move to a new data center and are predicting outages.

It’s a pity they were not able to schedule this for a weekend when traffic is so much lighter.

Read more about the Bloglines scheduled outages here.

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  1. Chris Howard says:

    Doh! I just promoted Bloglines a few days ago on Qwertyrash

    But from an IT guy’s point of view – it’s nice to see them doing it at a humane time. Altho when it all goes belly up, the techs will be working all night anyway! Maybe that’s why they scheduled it then.

  2. Croak says:

    Hmm..and seems to be down too…Ping-o-matic was down for awhile last week, as was Typepad. Not a pleasant trend.

    At least the Bloglines outage was scheduled.

  3. xblog says:

    This few day, i can see some traffics drops… hope it will get back soon…

  4. Jon Gales says:

    Should work out fine for me–they are cutting it at the end of business day in ET. Will give me an excuse to get out early and have a little fun.

  5. TreoToday says:

    The Bloglines outage will affect me too – since I use it as my primary news-gathering source. My backups will be Technorati, Digg and Memeorandum.

  6. Jon Gales says:

    You can also export your subscriptions and import them into another RSS service… If it’s that big of a deal.

  7. Andy Merrett says:

    Here in the UK that’s the middle of the night, so no great problem. I won’t be blogging at 4am!

  8. I’m a little suprised by the time of the move too.

    I’m a techie, and the last time we had to do a server move (from Chicago to NYC) we worked over Thanksgiving weekend.

    I know nobody wants to work the holidays (I was pissed about it), but if you care about your customers, you don’t take the site down in the middle of the day like this.


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