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How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of December 2005 Pro Blogging News 809

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My Personal Income Streams

As an update to this post I’ve more recently written one on How I make Money Blogging which highlights the most profitable ways that I use blogs to generate income. I’ve also written extensively on how bloggers make money in ProBlogger the Book.

How do bloggers make money from blogs?

How-Bloggers-Make-MoneyI’ve been reflecting this week about the amazing diversity of opportunities that are opening up for bloggers to make money from blogging.

I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.

The wonderful thing is that this is becoming easier and easier to do 2005 has seen many options opening up. I thought I’d take a look at some of the methods that bloggers are currently using to make money through blogs.

Income Streams for Bloggers – How to Make Money Blogging

Advertising Programs – Perhaps the most obvious changes in the past few months have been with the addition of a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers looking to make money from their blogs. The most common way bloggers seem to earn money online is via the contextual ad program from Google – Adsense. A more recent addition that many are using successfully are Chitika.

RSS Advertising – The past 12 months have seen some advances in RSS Advertising also. I’m yet to hear of any bloggers making big money blogging through it to this point – but as improvements are made to the ad programs exploring this I’m sure we’ll start to see examples of it being profitable.

Sponsorship – In addition to the array of advertising programs that are available to join there is a growing awareness in the business of the value and opportunity that exists for them to advertise directly on blogs. I’m hearing more and more examples of this and have been fortunately to have a couple of ad campaigns of my own in the past month – one with Adobe a couple of weeks ago and another just completed with Ricoh for a new digicam over at my Digital Camera Blog. These are not isolated cases – as I say I know of many blogs exploring sponsorship with advertisers at present and suspect we’ll see more of it in the year ahead. Sponsorship is also happening on a post by post basis with some bloggers being paid to write on certain topics by companies – either in one off or a regular fashion – and they are able to make big money from their blogs doing so.

Affiliate Programs – There are larger affiliate programs like Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction but also literally thousands of others from the large to the very small.

Digital Assets – Increasing numbers of bloggers have been developing other digital assets to support and add revenue streams to their blogs. By this I mean that I’m increasingly seeing e-books, courses and tele-seminars being run by bloggers. This type of activity will only increase in future – in fact this week I’ve seen numerous examples of bloggers running courses.

Blog Network Opportunities – with the rise in popularity of Blog Networks – bloggers are also being presented with more places to earn an income from their blogging – by writing for and with others. While it might be difficult to get a writing gig with one of the bigger networks – there are plenty who are always asking for new bloggers to join and who are willing to pay bloggers using a variety of payment models. While there are distinct advantages of blogging for yourself – blogging for an established network who will handle a lot of the set up/promotion/admin/SEO etc has it’s advantages also. More and more bloggers are combining writing for themselves on their own blogs with taking on blog network blogs as additional income streams.

Business Blog Writing Opportunities – as blogging has risen in it’s profile as a medium more and more businesses are starting blogs. Many of these companies have internal staff take on blogging duties – but an increasing number of them are hiring specialist bloggers to come on and run their blogs. I know of a number of bloggers who in the past month or two have been approached for such paid work. Check out the ProBlogger Job Board if you’re looking for this type of work.

Non Blogging Writing Opportunities – Also becoming more common are bloggers being hired to write in non blogging mediums. Manolo’s recent coup of a column in the Washington Post is just one example of this as bloggers are increasingly being approached to write for newspapers, magazines and other non blog websites. Along side this is the rise of bloggers as published book authors – this is to the extent that one blogger I spoke with this week complained to me that they were one of the few bloggers than they knew who didn’t have a book deal!

Donations – Tip Jars and donation buttons have been a part of blogging for years now but this last year saw a number of bloggers go full time after fund raising drives. Perhaps the most high profile of these was Jason Kottke of who through the generosity of his readership was able to quit his job and become a full time blogger.

Flipping Blogs – Also more common in 2005 was the practice of ‘Blog Flipping’ – or selling of blogs. This has happened both on an individual blog level (I can think of about 20 blogs that sold this year) but also on a network level (the most obvious of these being the 8 figure sale of Weblogs Inc to AOL).

Merchandising – My recent attempt to sell T-shirts wasn’t a raging success, but it is an example of how an increasing number of bloggers are attempting to make a few extra dollars from their blogs by selling branded products through programs like Cafepress. While I didn’t have a lot of success with merchandising – quite a few larger blogs are seeing significant sales – especially blogs with a cult following. I’m not at liberty to discuss details – but I know of one largish blog which will see sales over $20,000 in merchandise for the calendar year of 2005.

Consulting and Speaking – While it has been popular for established consultants to add blogs to their businesses we’re also starting to see bloggers with no consulting background able to make money by charging readers for their time in consulting scenarios BECAUSE of the profile that their blogs have built them. Blogging has the ability to establish people as experts on niche topics and we all know the value of being perceived as an expert. I spoke to one blogger last month who charges himself out at over $200 an hour for speaking and consulting work – his area of expertise was something that he knew little about 18 months ago – but through his blog he’s become a leader in his field and a minor celebrity in his industry.

As time rolls on there are more and more ways that bloggers make money from their blogs opening up. Feel free to suggest your own ideas and experiences in comments below.

Update: Looking for more information on how to make money blogging? Here’s a post I wrote talking about my own experience – particularly looking at the top ways that I make money from blogs.

Also check out these resources on how to set up a profitable blog:

  • ProBlogger the Book – where I and Chris Garrett sum up all of the basic tips about starting up a blog in the one volume.
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Great article!

    Fantastic information for successfully making money from blogs which i will definitely be incorporating into my own blog making enterprises.

    Thanks keep up the good work!!

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  7. I think now how get money from my blogs…

  8. Great post there Darren.
    The list of Adsense alternatives is very useful.

    Yahoo’s YPN is limited to only a few geographical areas.

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  10. Fine, that’s great that there a bunch of ways to advertise on our blogs, but what about getting the word out and publicizing? I’ve been blogging for the past 3 months now and nobody’s coming. How can I get more people to read my blogs rather than telling all my friends and colleagues?

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  12. i like make money online ….and i have used my blog make money online …’s good for me …..
    Thanks for share informaiton

  13. i have been reading your blogs and i think a good blogger can make money using affiliates programs by creating good contents.

  14. Good article. The ways I prefer are Sponsorship and Consulting & speaking.

  15. Thanks for helping us newbie!

  16. Hi,This is a great article. I’ve taken a lot of tips from both this article and your other articles on making money with your blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to break even eventually.


  17. using the clickbank affiliate marketing in blogs are a great way to increase your money. i use a program called clickbank genie it turns the clickbank feeds into ads that look like adsense. i seem to get good clickthroughs on all my sites i put them on and loads of affiliate sales.

  18. I am curious what software you guys use to help make money online with blogs? I found an easy way to make money online but now I want to use blogs as an extra income stream to help further my success. Anyone heard of BS I think it’s pretty new (Blogging Solution)? I need some good idea’s for software so feel free to toss some out there for me.


    p.s I’m ready to get rich now!

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  19. i have had a blog for a year or so now….i’ve used adsense before and even blogads to a limited extent. i have recently started using this company called boomblox ( that pays me to host classified ads on my site. i get money per click, but i get a buck everytime someone buys something that is advertised on my site. it adds up a heck of a lot faster than a couple cents here and there which is pretty cool. love your blog, just added it to my daily round…

  20. hiz … we are very glad to break the silence and we just say that we are a designing company and we are agree with your point that blogging can make money just start youor own blogging and take tour yourself. thanks

  21. I was recently asked to set up a blog site; since I have never done one before I’ve been searching for answers. Your site has been very informative and enlightening. Thank you so much.

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  23. The [Linknotated] Law of the Blogger

    NOW this is the Law of the Blogger – as old and as true as the sky; And the blogger that keeps it may prosper , but the blogger that breaks it must die. Like the visits that pump up your hit count , Blogger Law runneth forward and back — For the stre…

  24. I knew there was a reason I subscribed to your program. You really know your stuff, you share everything, and you know how to write.

    Thanks for this detailed list if ways to earn money from blogs.


  25. this is a very good insight into how bloggers can use their blogs for making money. inshort the methods outlined that one can earn money are
    1- Advertising Programs
    2- RSS Advertising
    3- Sponsorship
    4- Affiliate Programs
    5- Digital Assets
    6- Blog Network Writing Gigs
    7- Business Blog Writing Gigs
    8- Non Blogging Writing Gigs
    9- Donations
    10- Flipping Blogs
    11- Merchandising
    12- Consulting and Speaking

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  26. There is a guy called the rich adsense jerk who is charging a fee of $1 a month for people to read his blog. people who want to read have to subscribe and specify passwords before they are able to view his precious blog.

    I think this is a new idea not mentioned here.

    I hope you will not take this path Darren for your site/blogs otherwise we will miss out on some great stuff.

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  28. Sigh, I’m still working away at this concept of making money blogging. It certainly doesn’t seem very easy to break into reasonable traffic levels and thus a chance at earning income via the traditional advertising models available.

    So, multiple blogs and multiple angles… I feel like an alchemist!

  29. […] Other ways to generate alternative income streams are described on several Problogging blogs, for example in this article from Darren. I simply can’t comment on them because I haven’t used them, and can’t for the life of it imagine how using them would work out for me. […]

  30. hey, so many comments :)
    But a blog without traffic will never generate any income. “time is money” is changing to “traffic is money”
    ngan said:
    …i have been reading your blogs for quite sometime, instead of blogging about how to make more money, why not “how blogger ask for donation from their blogs” for their emergency situation ( with a good intention).

    perhaps you could start one, blog-for-a-good-cause, where bloggers / readers donate some money for a good cause. i would love to start one, but am short of money. …

    I need to get drunk tomorrow but have no money. its a good cause for a donations isn’t t :)

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  32. That’s true. There are tons of options besides Adsense. One should find the right mix of advertising media for his blog through repeated trial and error.

  33. I have set up my own travel blog and was wondering how much traffic do you need before its worthwhile comprising the look and feel of your blog with ads? I am currently getting 30 hits a day, it s only a few weeks old.

  34. Good question Brett,

    there are differing opinions on this – some say you shouldn’t add ads until you’ve got an established readership as they put people off – others say put them on from day 1 because adding them later means you have to break reader expectations of it being ad free and because even with a small level of readership you can begin to earn a little money which over time adds up.

    I tend to put them on from day 1 – but work on subtle ad placement that is not overwhelming or distracting from your quality content.

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  41. Wow!!..Great info!..I have used those..lets see the results..

  42. Hi Darren,
    Its really nice to see u faar ahead in the Blog industry.The suirpriseing face is that u have taken only few months to achieve this.I would love to know more about this .
    I am not a professional blogger , ijust started blogging a week ago.
    I feel it as creativity.But will surely love to know more about the various ways i can use blog to get money…help me with ur best within ur time.

  43. nice tips there ill definitely use it

  44. very useful tips. I sign up to some affiliate program you suggest in this article, and i start earning some added money already. thx so much for the tips.

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    What do you think?


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  49. There are so many ways to have multiple income streams from a blog. I couldn’t agree with this article more!

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