The 2005 Weblog Awards Finalists Announced

The Weblog Awards for 2005 have posted nominations and voting will start sometime in the next 24 hours. Congrats to all the nominations (there’s a lot to wade through).

There’s a lot of quality blogs in the list as usual, I always enjoy these awards for finding new blogs that I’d not stumbled upon before.

Diverting to a local interest comment now – It will be interesting to see how their Australian and New Zealand list compares with the Best Australian (and NZ) Blog Award finalist list that is supposed to be announced today. I wonder how many will feature in both.

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  1. Have you heard any news yet, Darren? Nothing on the Smartyhost site. As for these awards, it’s the usual set of politiblogs (yawn). I think they just used the same names from last year, didn’t they?


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