New Colors for Adsense Firefox Referral Ads

Adsense have just released a few new colors of their Firefox Referrer ads. In addition to their white background ones they now have yellow/orange and blue as follows:

Firefox-2 Firefox-1 Firefox-3

hat tip to shirster for emailing me with this news.

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  1. hagrin says:

    Very nice – could help standout on sites that have white backgrounds a little more.

  2. Lea says:

    I don’t see them in the adsense control panel.
    I guess they are doing the ‘progressive rollout’ thing again :(

  3. Michele says:

    No sign of those new colours in my control panel either. Hopefully they’ll be there soon

  4. shirster says:

    Thanks for the link Darren ;)

    I put them on a couple of sites and they look really great !

    O btw, may I suggest a site that I personally think is pretty cool, but it sure isn’t meant for serious / business blogs / sites… not bad if you just wanna have some fun with your blog tho…

    Explorer Destroyer

    ps. I think the “rollout order” of their new ad images is pretty random, coz I’m only making VERY, VERY little with AdSense and I’m sure I’m not one of the “selected”… ;)

    Cheers !

  5. Martin (HOV) says:

    Personally, I think the designs are of poor quality – the corner curves look very amateurish to me. My 13 year old nephew tells me he can make better graphics on his Photoshop and that the curves are very rough with poor pixel usage … whatever that means :-)

  6. Stephen says:

    The curves are that way on purpose, not because Google doesn’t know how to photoshop. The curves aren’t anti-aliassed, which means although they are not very smooth, they can be set against a transparent background. So when you put the buttons on your site, your own bg color appears behind the curves. If they were smoother and anti-aliassed, you’d see white corners on the buttons. Google made the right decision. Tell your 13 year-old nephew that no-one likes a precocious child :)

  7. Brad says:

    I kind of like the design, personally.

  8. Jon Heizer says:

    I just wanted to know why they chose thoes colors out of all the colors of the rainbow…

  9. shirster says:

    Maybe the blue and orange are meant to go with FireFox’s theme colors? ;)

  10. Martin (HOV) says:

    Stephen – I told him that no-one likes a precocious child, after looking the meaning up in a dictionary first … but he just told me to scram ;-)

  11. Eugene says:

    Will recommend this to my friend – he is a great fan of Firefox and surelly will put it on his site – it will look great on his blue-coloured site. Thanx for the news

  12. Eugene says:

    Will recommend this to my friend – he is a great fan of Firefox and surelly will put it on his site – it will look great on his blue-coloured site. Thanx for the news

  13. shirster says:

    A friend downloaded the FF using the button on my blog, earned me 1 buck and told me he loved it – he can now browse the web faster and he thanked me for recommending it.

    So it got me thinking… most of us here would like to make money from blogging, but I think it’s pretty important that we keep in mind it’s not just about the money… if that’s all we care about, it will eventually distract us away from putting good contents on our blogs.

    Nobody wanna read a blog that is filled with ads. Nor do they wanna read content that is written in a strange way (strange coz the writer filled it with loads of high-paying keywords, for example).

    As long as you’re putting your heart into it, writing content that your readers enjoy reading (not writing content solely for higher-paying ads to show up), they will become loyal readers and keep coming back for more.

    I think that’s pretty much why I found myself landing on Darren’s blog at least 3 times a day… ;)