Google AdSense Referrals Program – One Month In

I’m interested to hear if anyone has had any success with the Google Adsense Referrals program. It’s been just under a month since they launched the new program that allows publishers to refer other publishers to the program.

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers using the buttons that Adsense provides but I’m yet to hear of anyone seeing any income from it yet. This is understandable I guess as it generally takes new publishers longer than a month to hit the $100 earnings mark (the point at which Adsense pays you your $100 commission) but I’d love to know what people are thinking of it after a month.

I’m not sure we’re allowed to talk specifics of our results but I can that I’ve had a handful of sign ups so far but no payments as of yet. CTR was pretty abysmal – but I suspect most of the people who read this site are already publishers with Adsense so that’s to be expected.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Just added the program today. Since I’m new at blogging (2 weeks) I don’t have any results yets. Which brings me to a question. I study your site as well as other “learn to blog for money” sites, and as anyone who’s just started out will agree it’s all very confusing just by the sheer volume of information out there. What is a realistic weekly goal to set?

  2. Michele says:


    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. A lot of people who read blogs carrying the ads already have adsense/adwords accounts, so the number of signups is going to be quite low. Since the program launched I’ve only had a couple of signups and no payments as yet.. I’m going to see how things pan out over the next couple of months, but I can easily see me dropping all the ads in favour of ones that actually do bring in revenue :)


  3. Patrick says:

    4 signups, no one has reached $100, yet.

  4. Mariano says:

    No signups yet :( I believe that someone looking for professional blogging is already familiar with adsense as most webmasters too. Nevertheless is worth keep the button just in case :)

  5. Scrivs says:

    I think I have one signup, but it doesn’t bother me since I have no time invested in the program and the space it takes up on my site is minimal.

  6. Dustin says:

    That’s exactly why I didn’t put up any of those referral logos. Who is NOT using adsense today? And if they are new. I figure it will take a good 6 months to hit their first $100.

    I do like that fact that Google will pay you if someone clicks a link to install FireFox and you get a dollar. It’s not a lot of cash, but I would sure love to see the world switch to a better browser! :)

  7. A few signups so far, no income.

  8. Judi Sohn says:

    I didn’t expect much when I added it to my site, and that’s exactly what I’m getting. No signups. I figured it didn’t take much to stick the link up there so it’s not bothering me that it’s not doing anything. Reality is, as someone else said, a new adsense customer is going to take a really long time to get to $100. I know how long it took me until I started getting a check every month.

    I find that a lot of my Googled-in traffic are from folks looking for some specific information and aren’t necessarily folks with their own websites. Those that do have their own sites are already on adsense.

  9. IO ERROR says:

    I’m only displaying the Adsense logo on particular sections of my sites, where people who are most likely to be interested will be reading (e.g. blog software, etc). I’ve had a few signups, but no $100 bonuses yet, of course.

    Now the Firefox button I display everywhere — but only to users of browsers other than Firefox! I’ve made a few bucks off that already.

  10. vivek says:

    Total 7 sign so far :D but no one crossed $100 yet however no chitika sing up. I told them about chitika but they are not sure about chitika. I think I will able to get few more Adsese sign up in coming weeks. So basically I send everyone email about new program and how it is good :) I’m also helping few other friends to setup new site, selecting hosting company, domain, and installing blog software. I’m not charging them for this, only asked them to sign up from my site so it is win win situation for both of us. I have also pointed out them to your blog as inspiration.

    I have also told them secrete of my toys (mobile, ipod, laptop, digital camera and other electronic stuff i purchased from adsense revenues).

    I’m not problogger. I’m full time worker, I run the blog activity in my free time and what ever I earn spend all on my expensive gadgets every month.

  11. A.H says:

    No Adsense conversions, only 1 firefox conversion, and it paid alot less than $1…


  12. Michele says:

    AH – I’m seeing the same :(

  13. The idea is crap. If you have not heard from AdSense so far, there is no need for you to use AdSense since you will only run a lowtraffic website and to hit the first 100 US$ it will take you a few months. I think most of them will quit before.

  14. Darnell says:

    I had it up for a while but I kept encountering problems on my site (it would either error out or slow it down dramatically).

    I finally removed it and replaced it with basic Ad Sense. Perhaps later on I will add it again, although I think nothing beats Google Ad Sense. :)

  15. Martin (HOV) says:

    I’m with Dustin here (comment #6) – I like the idea of promoting a better browser in Firefox via Google and getting the odd dollar here and there.

  16. Loren says:

    Decent CTR due to placement and a couple donzen or so signups, nothing has reached the pay mark though. Figure that will take much longer than a month.

  17. hatem says:

    I got many clicks but just one signup since the service started. And I don’t think that newbie will make $100 its first month, It could take at least 4 months or more specially if he have no traffic yet … etc.

    That’s why i said before, its an investment for the future. If a text ad placement isn’t making money I would prefer Referrals program even if its paid in next year.

  18. Kevin says:

    I ran the adsense referal for about 2 weeks with no signups. Now I am running the firefox referal and again, no signups.

  19. Kunal says:

    who will click on the referrals when most of us display d same thing (and every1 knows that u r going 2 get paid for that).

  20. IGrizzli says:

    3 signups, no one has reached $100, yet.

  21. Fireman says:

    not yet get refferal… :(

  22. I’ve got 13 signups so far, no income yet.

  23. shirster says:

    Finally 1 signup for AdSense and 1 download for FireFox, all happened in one day :)

    Dunno when I’m getting that $100 but the FireFox did earn me $1 ;)

  24. Joaquin says:

    November: 59 Signups and no money

  25. walterl says:

    no sign up and and of course no money

  26. Morgan says:

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  27. Bill says:

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