Which Traffic Source Converts Best with Adsense?

Jeremy Zawodny has and interesting post where he analyses where his traffic is coming from (ie search engines, bloglines, rss etc). He then goes on to analyze which reader sources convert best for him in terms of his Adsense earnings. It turns out that while Google readers earn him most (after all that’s where most of his traffic comes from) but that MSN and AOL referred readers have higher CTR.

He’s obviously got some interesting script to track his Adsense clicks. It’d be interesting to see this type of information from a wider variety of blogs.

His figures resonate with my own experience – anecdotal information points to Search engine traffic converting better than RSS traffic for most of my blogs also

Blogging as a Business – Business Structures are Key

I’m feeling quite grown up today – I’ve recently hired an accountant and today we’re getting together to talk company structures, bookkeeping, tax and the like.

One of the stressful parts of starting a blogging business has been getting the administrative side of things up and running. I’m not at all wired in this way (I’m more of a dreamer, networker, marketer, creator) and so things have been quite messy. This has largely been because to a large extent I never planned for blogging to become a way of earning an income at all.

When I first started putting ads on my blogs just over 2 years ago it was with the goal of paying my ISP and perhaps even some hosting costs. A cheque (check for you North Americans) would come every few months (if that) and there was very little to account for.

I’ve been very fortunate and instead of a bimonthly $100 cheque the way things are going 2007 could well be a 7 figure year now that Chitika’s tripled (and some) daily income.

To say things have become more complicated is an understatement.

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Value Added Blogging

Steve Rubel writes about the ‘secret sauce‘ for getting corporate blogs noticed in the midst of the millions of other blogs and corporate sites out there. His advice is:

‘The short answer is, your blog won’t get noticed unless you nurture it. This means – in an ideal situation – weekly or even daily someone is pumping the weblog with fresh compelling content. But any old content won’t do. Corporations interested in blogging need to add value to people’s lives. That’s the biggest key to a successful corporate blog that keeps people coming back.’

I think his advice could be applied to all types of blogs.

Add value to people’s lives and your blog has a significantly better chance of succeeding. Add no value and why would anyone bother reading it?

So here’s the question to be asking – ‘what value does your blog add to your reader’s life?’

It’s a worthwhile question that is worth pondering for each blog you we run.

Adsense Halloween Theme Ads

Being away all weekend I missed the Halloween themed Adsense ad units that were apparently going around.

Luckily Jen was on the case and spotted a number of different types of them including this one.


It looks like Adsense are experimenting with some ways of drawing readers eyes to their text ads. It will be interesting to see if they do it again in the lead up to Christmas – I guess that depends upon how well these ads perform.


We’re back from our long weekend away and I’m feeling much more relaxed. Especially fun was getting my digital camera out and re-engaging with a passion that I’d not had much time to engage with lately. I’ve posted just a few of my shots on my Flickr account if you’re into that kind of thing. I might have to upgrade my Flickr account to a pro version though as I seem to have hit my limit :-)

Thanks for everyone who’s kept ProBlogger active for the last couple of days in the comments of my advance posts – it’s great to know that the blog continues to grow and be productive while I’m away.

Chitika eMiniMalls Release Affiliate Banners

Good news for those of you who are a part of the Chitika eMiniMalls affiliate program with Chitika today providing 10 banner ads to help you promote their program. They come in a range of sizes from the small through to larger ones. Here’s a few:

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

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Get Chitika eMiniMalls

The Distracted Blogger

In my daily blogging activities I get to interact with a lot of bloggers from around the world. They have blogs of all shapes and sizes and have a variety of different experience levels. However in the past week I’ve come across quite a few newer bloggers who fit into one of the following two types of bloggers:

1. The Paralyzed Blogger – I’ve come across quite a few bloggers recently who look at the wider blogging community and are so overwhelmed by what they see going. They see blogs with beautiful design, bloggers with incredible gifts of communication, the massive traffic numbers of some of the A-listers and even the big dollars that some bloggers are making – and they get sucked into the trap of comparing their blog with others and end up being quite depressed by what they see – to the point where often they give up.

2. The Hyperactive Tweaking Blogger– I’ve also been bumping into quite a few bloggers that get so inspired by the wider blogging community that they spend 90% of their time tweaking their blog’s design, finding the perfect place for their ads, working on publicity etc that they actually become completely unproductive in terms of creating content for their blog.

(note: I’m not saying every blogger fits into one or the other of these categories – just that I’ve met a lot of them this week).

What is common to both of these groups of bloggers is that get distracted by other blogs and bloggers. The paralyzed comparisons lead them to depression and giving up while the Hyperactive Tweaker’s comparisons lead them to working on secondary items to the detriment of content.

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