Track AdSense Clicks With Google Analytics

Shawn from Digital Point has developed a piece of javascript that will allow those AdSense publishers who use Google’s Analytics to Track their AdSense Clicks. The stats it gives should shed a bit more light on what pages convert best for Adsense clicks, what sources of traffic click ads more etc.

SEO Book has developed one also. The advantage of it’s one is that it works with Firefox whereas Shawn’s only works with IE.

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  1. Sean Fallon says:

    Wow – excellent resource. Thanks!

  2. Great find, Darren. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Andy Merrett says:

    I might be cynical or expecting the worst, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Google somehow tried to clamp down on this. Though it doesn’t strictly come under altering code, as you’re not (presumably) changing the Google code itself, it could get written into the ToS.

    I thought Google were deliberately vague so as to not allow publishers to mould their content specifically for high-paying conversions, though it’s in their interest to get more click-through revenue.

    Are we going to get a rash of blogs/sites that only publish certain articles even within their high-paying niches so as to maximise the dollar?

  4. I played with this earlier today but noticed that it generated javascript errors in pages that didn’t contain errors previously. I’m curious if anyone else experienced this. Also, this script doesn’t work for Firefox browsers (any Mozilla-based browser, it sounds like) and we get about a third of our traffic from Firefox users, so that’s big. I’ve just started integrating into our development site this AdSense tracker which works on a simliar basis but appears to work (or is made to work) with a variety of browsers (Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.). We’re excited to see how it works.

  5. I wish I’d noticed your URL to the SEO Book tracker earlier.. would have saved me some Googling..

  6. I think google analiytics is great.

  7. Serg says:

    BlogFlux does this too with LinkLog – Its like MyBlogLog but better

  8. tom sherman says:

    So would the best bet here be to use both scripts and conditionally use or the other based on the USER-AGENT string of the browser?

  9. Analytics is all filled up- not taking new sign-ups at the moment : (

  10. jack says:

    wow thanks for info darren. i hope this not violate TOS