Google Page Rank Changes Reported

There are a few murmurings around the web today that Google might be making some adjustments to Page Rank again.

Some are saying that it could just be a partial rollback on the most recent update (that it could have been too extreme) while others say it’s another update in it’s own right. I’m not sure – it seems a little too soon after the last one for it to be a full update but one never knows with Google – some sites are definitely reporting changes but it’s not widespread yet.

You might like to keep an eye on the Page Rank of your page using the Page Rank Prediction tool I have on this previous post. It’s showing a few small adjustments on some of my blogs both up and down on one or two data centers but nothing major yet.

Another couple of days and we’ll know more.

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  1. After their last PR change, the PR my sites all dropped by 1 point, sometimes 2.

    I hope this PR update “fixes” this. :-)

  2. Gary Fugere says:

    Definetly a roll back here.

    I launched 3 new blogs in August. I really didn’t expect anything until the first of next year. But on the last PR update two of the three came out of the sandbox. One with a PR 3 and the other a PR 4 the third remained in the sandbox with a PR0.

    This morning I checked all three and I’m back where I expected to be with all 3 . . . They all are at a PR0.

    Google giveth, and Google taketh away.

  3. Brad says:

    This makes me a little nervous, as I am undergoing a lot of maintenance on one of my sites. I tried to time doing this after major updates, so my house is in order when they come to inspect!

  4. WCC was PR0 before the last change but still did get a fair amount of visits from Google. After their change (and still) it is PR4 and all visitors from Google disappeared.
    That’s very strange isn’t it?

  5. row1 says:

    last week mine was 4 and now it 3 :(
    while I don’t think i deserved 4 to start with dropping to 3 itsn’t very nice.

  6. Bob says:

    It’s funny that one of my sites went from a PR0 to a PR5 on the recent update. Now, it is back to PR0 again. But, the interesting thing is that if you searched the MAIN keyword for the site it used to be listed third on Google. now it is number 1.

  7. I have several sites powered with WordPress (on subdomains of one domain) that are still showing PR of 4 but have suddenly disappeared from the Google cache. They show no change using the Future Page Rank tool either, but a week ago they were cached and now they aren’t. Also my LiveJournal just went from a 4 to a 5.

  8. Windows Vista Weblog (.com) has got a PR of 7 (from 6), but all other blogs associated with me (8 of them) remain the same.

  9. larrydag says:

    My PR has really has not changed but I have noticed that I am getting better keyword hits though.

  10. JT says:

    So google has page rank of 10, while yahoo has a 9. LOL.

  11. daviduk says:

    Just appearing/ disappearing over here. PR up to 5 now – next day back to usual 4 – oh well! But Problogger up at No1 for ‘page rank changes’ – congrats! Ahead of jeremy.zawodny – wow!! But remember its only traffic and clicks that count!

  12. the bookmark says:

    I am thinking of using one of the auto tag tool can anyone say if they even work ?
    Can they improve me page rank ?

    I have my own ideas on the answers but looking to hear others comments.

  13. danielctw says:

    It seems this so called google update really affected most of the sites. Some deem it as the selling of paid links that brought to this effect.

  14. Alexander says:

    >>So google has page rank of 10, while yahoo has a 9. LOL.

    remember that during previous PR update msn site was dropped to 3 or 4 :-)


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