Sports and Mommy Blogs Launch

Blog herald reports that there’s a new sports blog network launching at Sports Cartel with NHL, NFL and NBL blogs – lots of them.

And for something a bit different but still sure to be popular – Duncan also emailed me a link to a press release of a new Mommy blogging collaboration over at Mommy Bloggers.

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  1. Brad D. says:

    It’s funny how long it took for the mom blogs to get more publicity and join forces. I am really surprised to be honest. Sports blogs are a bit saturated but hey so is everything… it’s all relative. Power to the mothers. :)

  2. Are Darren, just for accuracy, I think you mean NBA not NBL. As big an impact as Aussie Andrew Bogut is making on the NBA, I still don’t think that there interested in Australia’s NBL.

    Unfortunately I don’t think they would be interested in my AFL Blogging ( or my AFL podcast ( either, D’oh!


  3. It looks like Sports Cartel forget the most popular sport in the World – soccer/football. :-(

  4. World Cup Corner wrote:
    It looks like Sports Cartel forget the most popular sport in the World – soccer/football. :-(

    We’re working on that, actually. We are looking to have our UK football site up by next week.

    If you are interested in contributing, you are more than welcome to drop by and we’ll set up something for you! =]

  5. So is this B5’s mommy blog you promised?