Freshdaily Blog Network


Yet another new blog network is launching – this time a Canadian (and rather pink) one called Freshdaily. No real details of what the network will include but so far they publish four city blogs. One to watch – if only to see if the whole network will be in pink!

found via one degree

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  1. Ignat says:

    Wow, a network after network is launched. One would think that with stiff competition laready out there, there would be fewer brave souls that start new blog networks. I guess if it’s unique enough and people find it useful, there’s still some hope for success.

  2. Dimitrios says:

    I believe that even if there is competition a network which constists of different websites can still survive. I mean it’s just lots of websites that have somehting in common, don’t you think ?

  3. jesse says:

    my comment…gone. Did I violate something?