Gizmodo lands iPod Advertising Campaign

Ipod-AdCongratulations to Gizmodo for landing what is a very large fish when it comes to advertisers.

Today I noticed a campaign with Apple focussing upon iPods which link to the official iPod page. The ads are not on every impression but target a fairly high percentage of the impressions I saw – looks like a substantial campaign. When I first saw it I thought it could have been an affiliate program but Gawker (the team behind Gizmodo) confirms that it’s a campaign directly with Apple.

Apple are known for not advertising much online so this is a rather big catch for the Gawker team.

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  1. Miha says:

    Damn, I wish they’ve come to me first. It would be much cheaper. ;-)

  2. jesse says:

    That’s gonna be a hefty sum

  3. Todd says:

    The ipod campaign should help keep the wolf from Gizmodo’s door :)

  4. Brad D. says:

    Yeah I doubt anyone over there is complaining about that one. Lining pockets is not something peple tend to moan about. Congrats to the folks at Gizmodo :)

  5. Ignat says:

    Congrats to Gizmodo indeed. I wonder why Engadget didn’t get any Apple love? Politics, personal connections. I’m sure that politics had something to do with Apple’s choice…

    I think for ads on blogs in general, it is important what kind of audience is reached, their geographic, demographic, and even political orientations are important to advertisers.

  6. Jon Gales says:

    Ignat, politics? Do you really think Apple’s ad agency really cares about politics? They care all about visibility and demographics and of course cost. There are lots of more realistic reasons (inventory, price, exclusivity, sales talent, etc) that a site like Engadget isn’t running the ads.

    Gizmodo’s sales staff seems to be better at getting the big branding campaigns… Right now they are running campaigns from Olympus, Sonos, Rockstar Games, Nikon, TomTom, Apple, Sunrocket, etc. Engadget is showing only AdSense and Palm for me.

    Most of Apple’s blog related advertising is for WWDC. A lot of Mac sites make big bucks based on a tiered CPC model.

  7. George says:

    I refreshed about 20 times and was still not able to see the iPod ads.


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