Issues with Rotating YPN and AdSense

Tim has a very useful post for those of you who are rotating Adsense and YPN ads on your site (ie having each ad program show up on every second impression.

He was having some problems with getting PSA ads on YPN and found that part of the problem was the fact he was rotating ads. He writes:

‘So the next logical question was why am I getting PSAs on YPN? After having a few of the YPN engineers look at my site they figured out the reason it was getting PSAs was because I was rotating pageviews between YPN ads and AdSense ads. Basically the YPN bot that crawls pages to determine the content was getting confused because the page content was constantly changing and the YPN ads were there one second and gone the next. So each time a YPN ad was displayed it triggered a new “content review” and PSAs would be displayed.’

To find the solution to the problem head over to his post at Rotating YPN and AdSense is a Bad Idea.

Bloglines add Keyboard Shortcuts – Hotkeys

Bloglines have added a new ‘hotkeys’ feature which allows users to scroll forwards and backwards through posts in their system from post to post or folder to folder with a keystroke.


A word of warning however – don’t click ‘s’ or ‘f’ unless you really do want to go to the next folder because it will open the folder/subfolder and mark all of the posts ‘read’ as if you’d manually opened them. I accidentally hit ‘f’ this afternoon and was forced to read the contents of a folder when I wasn’t really ready to – otherwise I would have lost the 450 unread entries (and no I didn’t feel like scrolling through them all and ticking ‘keep new’.

I’m also paranoid I’m going to hit the ‘A’ key by accident.

I wonder if there is an option to turn this feature off – it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Adgenta Blog Ads – First Impressions Review

[Ad]GentalogoAfter a lot of hints the team at Qumana have launched the AdGenta advertising system for bloggers.

They describe the system as:

‘a post-centric advertising system. Post-centric ads appear wherever your post does: your blog, your feed, and search results. Each ad is based on what you think it should be, using keywords you define, not context a computer thinks up.’

The ads are not contextual ads – bloggers trigger them by choosing keywords – and they are not true ‘text’ ads really as they are image based ads which allows them to appear in both your blog and RSS feed easily. The beauty of them is that you can insert them anywhere in your posts as you wish.

You can see them in action at the Qumana blog.

I’ve not used AdGenta but have seen it implemented on a number of blogs. I thought I’d give some of my first impressions from an outsider’s perspective:

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Is Adsense Performing Poorly?

This week I’ve had at least 20 emails from bloggers asking if I (or others) have noticed any changes in Adsense performance.

These types of emails are not unusual for me – I get a number of them every week. Usually about 60% of these emails report per Adsense performance and 40% better than usual performance (I guess people email more when they are worried) but this past week has been unusual because out of 20 emails (a higher number than normal) 100% have reported poorer than usual Adsense performance – most over them referring to a period over the past 2-3 weeks.

At first I thought it might just be coincidence but the emails continue. Today I notice that my own Adsense earnings have been on the slide over this period also – largely due to a poorer than normal CTR. Earnings per click are stable for me and traffic is also (in fact its a little up if anything).

I’ve been putting this down to the fact that I’ve added Chitika ads to my blogs which perhaps have taken some of the focus from Adsense ads (I was willing to live with it because the increases in overall earnings that Chitika have bought are more than the losses) – but in talking to those who are noticing decreases in earnings it is only a minority of them who are trying the Chitika ads.

Others have noticed this trend also – a forum over at Webmaster (Something is Definitely Screwy at Google) world has been very active over the past 10 days with many reporting decreases in CTR and eCPM. As usual – theories are flying about what is causing it and among the complaints are a few stories of increased earnings – but the more I dig the more I find people worried about their Adsense earnings.

I’d be interested to hear how things have gone for you over the past few weeks. Don’t share specific figures – but are the experiences that I’m talking about isolated to a few (earnings do go up and down over time so I half suspect it’s just one of those months) or do you find yourself in the same boat?

Update: Actually I’ve just done some digging around in my Adsense channels and want to say that while my overall CTR has decreased – that the real reason for the decrease in earnings does actually seem to be a decrease in click value on a couple of my bigger blogs. They have decreased by about 10-20% which to me indicates that the changes (I can only speak for my blog) seem to be coming from either less relevant ads being served or a decrease in the bidding by advertisers for these topics.

Blogging like a Goose Works

I’m feeling some good vibrations at the moment having just spent the last hour reading email, chatting to a couple of bloggers on IM and taking a look around a few of the private discussion forums that I frequent.


Today has been one of those days when the feedback has all been good.

  • Readers are leaving comments and sending emails thanking me for my blogs
  • Two people have just emailed to say that they’ve put suggestions that I’ve made here into practice and have seen significant increases in traffic and earnings on their blogs
  • We had our fifth six figure blogging call this morning and a couple of the comments that participants made were really inspirational Things at b5 have continued to steadily (and in some cases spectacularly) grow with our bloggers each doing significant work.
  • I just heard about three bloggers who met here at ProBlogger who have decided to work together on some projects

I know not every day is like this but it’s one of those days where the whole Blogging Formation – Lessons from a Goose theory of blogging seems to actually be working – not only for me but others.

Cheesy I know – but a very satisfying day (so far).

Blog Marketing – Chapter 1

Jeremy Wright has just published the start of the first chapter of his new book – Blog Marketing (affiliate link). The chapter is called Blogging Basics.

How to Use Google Reader

Andy has a great introductory flash demo of the new Google Reader news aggregator (opens in a new window – 1.2MB) which will be useful for those just starting out with news aggregation.

Blog Networks – Definitions

Martin has a post asking (and attempting to answer) the question What is a Blog Network? which might be of interest to some. It includes a very rushed and un-thought through response from yours truly.

I’m not really sure there is a single definition for a Blog Network – if you look at the range of them out there – they certainly come in all shapes and sizes and have a large variety of practices, values, purposes and formats.

But if definitions are you thing – head over and have your say.

Conflicts of Interest

Martin, the guy behind Blog Network Watch, has decided to call it quits after a week of blogging there. It’s not because it didn’t work (in fact he got a fair bit of attention) but because he saw potential conflict of interests. He writes:

‘I thought it would be a major conflict of interest for me to write about the industry (and you now me, when I write I usually go at it full on) when at the same time I have my eye on it for myself. As a journo I just would not feel comfortable with this.’

Conflicts of interest are something that I’ve had leveled at me here at ProBlogger (the most recent critique is in this thread) as I, in my writing about blogging for dollars, do talk about blog networks and mention both the networks I’m involved with as well as those of others (whom some would say are ‘the competition’ – not that I view them as this necessarily….but that’s another post).

I thought that rather than letting such conversations happen in the comment threads of posts on other topics (largely between anonymous comment makers) that it might be worth having an open and honest discussion here in a post all of it’s own. I’m not interested in us having a flame war on the topic – but rather would like to think that we can talk about it in an open and constructive manner.

I won’t write a new response to the criticism – but I will repost both the original comment/critique from ‘Mcintosh’ and my response below. I’d be interested in others thoughts.

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