Opportunities at b5

If you don’t follow the RSS feed over at b5media you might have missed a few opportunities that we’ve been advertising for including:

Also we announced a fun new blog – Kapped – a blog that three of our bloggers (Ingrid, Erin and Jayvee) are having a load of fun with – taking screen captures from films, TV shows and video games and adding captions. I surfed through all the screen caps so far yesterday and found myself having quite a good giggle. I’m not sure how commercially viable it will be with Adsense – but I’ve just added it as my home page and think it’ll provide me with some entertainment each day.

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  1. Andy Merrett says:

    My guess is that any purely contextual ad system will struggle on Kapped because there’s not much machine-readable content. Maybe some affiliate programs would do better, merchandise on the shows parodied, etc.

    Still, it could create quite a buzz as and generate traffic which in turn will boost linked sites. I enjoyed what I saw as well, could become a favourite (and I presume you have to visit the site from a feed as well, else you don’t see anything except the titles).

  2. jason says:

    I can see that I have to step up my blog efforts. I had been shooting for a post a day and none on weekends. From your comments here I can see I am well short of what needs to be done. I am new to the world of blogs and as I review your site see that I have much to learn. I look forward to other helpful tips as I learn how to build a successful blog.

  3. The feed on Kapped is broken, it points at b5media (which returns nothing) instead of at kapped.