Email Newsletters for Bloggers

Wayne at Blog Business World has a helpful post on email newsletters today. One of his tips is to consider collecting subscribers to your newsletter not only on your site but also from offline sources:

‘Most e-mail newsletter subscriber efforts make the mistake of being entirely online in their marketing focus. Many more good quality names can be added through offline marketing as well. In fact, some of a business’s most profitable customers might arrive from one of many offline sign-up vehicles….

Trade shows create a tremendous newsletter recruitment point for adding subscribers. Many interested people will be delighted to join a company mailing list, especially if they have shown interest in the business’s products and services. Offering a prize, a special pricing discount, or similar incentive will also boost trade show driven e-mail subscription levels. The newsletter can supply much needed followup to trade show attendees, as an article can easily be written about the show itself. ‘

I’ve also written some tips on email newsletters which might be helpful if you’re considering an email newsletter.

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  1. sara says:

    Great information you have there.

  2. creatine says:

    Oh and i think you could benefit from promoting offline to.


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