Chitika eMiniMall Audit Complete

Chitika have completed their audit for their eMiniMalls (aff) month of September. I’ve just checked my figures and am happy to see that the audit has only decreased my earnings for the month by less than 10% (less than last month).

This should mean that those who earned over the minimum of $10 for September will receive their payment via PayPal in the next 24 hours or so (update: payments will be made 31 October). Those in countries without PayPal will get checks once their total hits $50.

One of the improvements that Chitika has been talking about recently has been a more seamless and quicker statistics package. I’m really looking forward to the day that they implement some of the following:

  • Real Time Stats (or at least stats that update throughout the day)
  • Real Time Auditing (the wait until the end of the month to see what you actually earned is something that many publishers will become frustrated with – if they could actually make this ‘real time’ so that publishers don’t see the difference between audited and un-audited figures they would probably do themselves some favors)
  • CTR, eCPM, click value (including some of these stats might be handy. Publishers can work them out for themselves – but it’d be nice to see at a glance how one’s sites are performing in these ways from day to day)
  • Dynamic Stats (ie to be able to view a month at a time, last 7 days etc would be handy – at the moment to know your september earnings for instance it has to be totaled by hand or copied and pasted into a spreadsheet)
  • CSV files (the ability to download an Excel file with a variety of different reports would be very handy)
  • Graphs (it’d be great to see visual representations of earnings and where they come from)
  • Channels (I’m predicting the week they implement channels will be the week I can increase my eMiniMall earnings by 10-20%)

These are just some of the things on my Chitika eMiniMalls wishlist when it comes to their statistics – what would you want when eMiniMalls come out of beta?

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  1. Ozgression says:

    Have you emailed chitika with this wishlist? The first two are a must if they want to be taken seriously in future.

  2. Tom says: audited earning is now around 27% less than my unaudited earnings! and I never ever clicked on my ad..not even one.. This is a bit dissapointing.. :( BTW, this is my first audited earning..hope getting much better next month..

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    auditing isn’t just your own clicks. It is dependant upon many factors including where in the world your readers are (their advertisers don’t allow Asian clicks unfortunately), how close together in time that your readers click ads etc.

  4. Dale Estes says:

    I have been only using them about a week and have made about 3.00 so I am happy.

  5. Thomas says:

    Just like Tom I’m a bit disappointed. I hoped it would be less than 10 percent but my audited September figures are almost 30 percent lower than the unaudited ones :(

  6. Greg says:

    I’d love to be able to automatically select through the interface the keywords of ads showing on my site rather than having to guess keywords and include them in the code.

  7. Miha says:

    My audited earnings are the same as unaudited, but I was using eMiniMals only for 7 days in September. ;-)

  8. Motte Bonk says:

    My audited numbers are also about 10% less than unaudited (and I make a lot — 4 figure check for Sept). From looking at my logs, it co-relates to the approximate traffic I get from Asia.

    If your traffic is primarily from Asia, I would advice you to use some form of geo-targeting like Maxmind. I know a friend who complained that his audited numbers were down 70% but he gets majority of his traffic from Malaysia and Vietnam.

    If people haven’t figured it yet, if:
    1) you have a blog or website about products or gadgets and
    2) your traffic is primarily from US

    you could be doing $8 effective CPM like me. Cha ching !

  9. hagrin says:

    Well, Asian traffic is dropped because that’s exactly what their ToS states:

    “We currently accept traffic from the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. As we add more products for other countries we will expand our coverage.”

  10. Tom says:

    90% of my traffic comes from US..

  11. Leon says:

    The channels feature would be what I love to see. I’m currently running Chitika on 3 sites and I have no idea which ad is doing well!