What happens when a ProBlogger gets sick

I’ve had one of those 24 hours.

Last night I went to bed with sore eyes after a long week of work.

This morning I woke up unable to look at anything brighter than my clock radio without my right eye bursting into tears.

Going outside was painful – watching TV uncomfortable, looking at a computer screen almost unbearable (here I am blogging with sunglasses on! If only you could see me now.)

The doctor thinks its a virus or allergic reaction and ‘hopes it will pass’. I’m sure it will but it got me thinking…

It’s been a bit of a freaky experience – lying in my darkened room this afternoon my mind began to wander towards some ‘what if’ scenarios – ‘how would a pro-blogger survive without sight?’

It’s a bit of a fatalistic and depressing train of thought to follow but it’s worth considering I guess. We take our health for granted so much. Working for yourself means there’s no sick pay, no health cover etc – luckily we’ve been putting some money aside for such emergencies – but I’d like to see some discussion around what provisions other solo-entrepreneurs put in place to cover long term illness/injury etc.

I’m fine – don’t worry. You’ll probably not hear from me for the rest of the weekend – but I’m interested in your thoughts.

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  1. Dave says:

    Get better soon old bean, we’re all missing ya posts……

  2. pcunix says:

    Indeed. Problogger has become one of the first sites I visit every day.

    I hope Darren recovers fully and quickly.

  3. Laptopical says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Darren….If you were not able to update your blog frequently due to ill health, your internet insights and reflections would be sorely missed.

  4. Matt says:

    I hope you’re back on your game and feeling like yourself again soon, Darren. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  5. Peter Mount says:

    I certainly hope and pray you get well soon Darren.

    I’m looking forward to any comments you’d like to make about sex and chocolate cake

    Seriously, listen to your doctor and have faith

  6. Amanda Rush says:

    Being a blind blogger, I can say it’s actually not that scary. You’d have to learn to use a screen reader, but the commercial ones work pretty well. You’d have to probably spend about a month training with it. If you or anyone else wants to play with one, you can get a demo from here.

  7. Ouch. That is like a singer losing their voice. Eye strain can be painful & I hope there is no permanent, long-term damage Darren!


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  3. […] One comment on the post, from his friend Tim reads thus : I’m a friend of Darren’s and just wanted to let people know that he’s actualy quite sick. His wife took him to hospital today after he took a turn for the worse. I’ve heard he’s actually lost sight in one eye, has been having blackouts and is in a bad way. He’s been admitted and they are doing tests. I’m sure his family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this time. […]