Blogging like a Goose Works

Canadian-GooseI’m feeling some good vibrations at the moment having just spent the last hour reading email, chatting to a couple of bloggers on IM and taking a look around a few of the private discussion forums that I frequent.


Today has been one of those days when the feedback has all been good.

  • Readers are leaving comments and sending emails thanking me for my blogs
  • Two people have just emailed to say that they’ve put suggestions that I’ve made here into practice and have seen significant increases in traffic and earnings on their blogs
  • We had our fifth six figure blogging call this morning and a couple of the comments that participants made were really inspirational Things at b5 have continued to steadily (and in some cases spectacularly) grow with our bloggers each doing significant work.
  • I just heard about three bloggers who met here at ProBlogger who have decided to work together on some projects

I know not every day is like this but it’s one of those days where the whole Blogging Formation – Lessons from a Goose theory of blogging seems to actually be working – not only for me but others.

Cheesy I know – but a very satisfying day (so far).

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  1. Joe Brooks says:

    I can’t wait until you start blogging like a three-headed dragon. :)

  2. Mike Sigers says:

    Wow ! What a post that Goose-Tangent-Thing was. I wasn’t aware of blogs at the time you wrote that, but to be able to go back and read it is great.

    I’ve been one of those who always tries to join people together for projects since, oh…kidergarden. I truly believe that about all we leave behind is the memories of those we’ve touched.

    I am blessed to be able to do pretty much as I please, but doing it alone ain’t as much fun.

    ” Try and touch somebody today….”- nice new ProBlogger motto !

  3. dan says:

    yay fuzzy vibes allround