Blog Adverting Moguls

Interesting article over at Clickz on A Tale of Two Blog Adverting Moguls – John Battelle from Federated Media Publishing and and Philip Kaplan from Adbrite – both of whom are making a mark for themselves in Blog-vertising.

‘One is a celebrated bubble-era publisher, an Internet consultant, a book author and — currently — a blog advertising entrepreneur. The other? Well, he could be described exactly the same way. Yet could two men be more different than John Battelle and Philip “Pud” Kaplan?…’

It’s refreshing to see an article taking a slightly different spin on things than normal.

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  1. Stuart says:

    It was interesting to see that they both talked about being in it for the long haul. That’s very positive both for publishers and for advertisers.

    I was also impressed to see that Batelle was talking about a third advertising model – of course for most of us, getting our blogs to the point where that model is likely to bring in revenue is not going to be easy and certainly is not something that’s likely to happen in the short term.

  2. Paul Short says:

    I’ve been a fan of F’ (I won’t link to or type the full name of the site here out of respect for Darren and his readers) for years so I like Pud’s style and his honesty (in a strange sort of way he’s honest and upfront) so I’ve tested adbrite ads for a couple of my sites. The results have been good so far.

    Now, about the article: Intriguing. Someone with the means and ambition could make a tremendous entry into this market if they read between the lines ;-)

  3. Athomemama says:

    Paul, I read the f’dcompany blog myself (and as a pastor’s wife, that’s hard to admit) but it is so full of great content (and scoops) that I can’t stop. I’m hooked.

    I wish the name was a little more g-rated, I can never cite it as a source…