The Million Dollar Homepage

Want to see an enterprising online idea? The Million dollar Home Page is an attempt by one young business student to pay his university fees by selling advertising on a site – one pixel at a time. A pixel costs $1 and there are 1,000,000 of them up for grabs.

You have to buy them in 100 pixel blocks ($100 a pop) but people are buying them and he reported on his blog yesterday that he’s already paid for his 3 years of college fees completely.

Of course – a lot of those buying pixel are poker pages and affiliate programs by the looks of things – but he’s doing ok out of it and is reporting that each advertisers is getting good click-throughs for their money.

Interview With Peter Rojas Of Engadget

There’s a good interview over at PSFK with Engadgets editor, Peter Rojas. It gives a great insight into the inner workings of one of the biggest blogs going around. Here’s a couple of snippets that highlight the type of professionalism that gets a blog to the top of the pile:

‘I personally publish 5200 posts a year but I have my team (Ryan, Barb, Marc) who work shifts. We also have regular contributors for columns and features. To be in the team, you have to get ‘it’. It’s intangible. You need a certain depth and breadth of tech without necessarily being a specialist. We don’t want a Mac person to come in and refuse to look at PCs. We try to be agnostic – we’re enthusiastic about how people can use this stuff and about technology in general, we try not to get focused on specific brands….

We’re trying to grow (Engadget) into three or four areas. We’ve been doing reader events, we’re going to expand into video, and we’d like the podcast to grow and evolve into something better than it is now.’

Great interview Piers – keep up the good work.

Guide to leaving Weblog Comments

Lifehacker has a good guide to weblog comments with the following tips:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Contribute new information to the discussion.
  • Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
  • Know when to comment and when to e-mail.
  • Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all.
  • Make the tone of your message clear.
  • Own your comment.
  • Be succinct.
  • Cite your sources with links or inline quoting.
  • Be courteous.
  • Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.
  • Do not feed or tease the trolls.

What would you add or subtract from the list?

Blog Networks – A List

Duncan has Blog Networks on the brain and has posted a long List of Blog Networks which shows just how popular the practice of linking blogs together under one banner has become.

He’s got a list of 35 so far but I’m sure there are others!

Introducing b5media

The worst kept secret in ProBlogging circles (thanks Jeremy) has officially gone live.

I’d like to introduce you to the project that has done the unthinkable and that has kept Jeremy, Duncan and Myself a little quieter on our blogs for the past few weeks.

Meet b5media

What is it you ask?

It’s a blogging network owned and operated by two Aussies and a Canadian and with bloggers participating from France, the UK, Australia, the US and Philippines. We already have 14 blogs and are close to launching a number of others.

You can get the full scoop on who we are and what makes b5media b5media on our launch post.

Some of you might also be interested in joining us as an author. We’re keen to add some quality bloggers into the mix and to help them earn some income from their blogging – if you’d like to be a part of that you can find the process for applying here.

In the mean time – check out some of our brand new blogs (I’ve put links to each with short descriptions below). Remember that we’re in beta and some of them are further along than others. We’re in the process or ironing out kinks and finalizing templates – Peter from The Blog Studio has just put up a template on our b5media blog (a work in progress) but all the others are a little way off going live with their new looks.

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Food Blogs

I was chatting to a couple of people today about blogging (surprise surprise) and explaining to them that it’s getting to be that there is a blog now on almost every topic you can think of. One of the people I chatted with is a big foodie and asked about whether there are many food blogs out there.

“Are there food blogs out there?” they asked.

“Oh yeah… I’ve seen a few” said I (hoping I was right and making a mental note to check when I get home.

So I’m home – and I’ve checked – and WOW – there sure are some food blogs out there.

Check out Kiplog’s Foodblog links page if you doubt me.

Wow – what a list – it is massive!

The interesting thing is that quite a few of these foodie bloggers are experimenting with advertising and affiliate programs so it’s not only an active part of the wider blogging community – but it’s also a commercial segment.

Top Ten Reasons why ProBlogger has Slowed Down

A number of readers have noticed that my posting frequency has slowed here at ProBlogger over the past couple of weeks and have asked if everything is ok.

Thanks for your concern – I appreciate it a lot but please don’t be worried. There are a number of reasons for the slowdown – some of them I can talk freely about, others will become apparent in the next day or two.

Tapping into my recent posts on blogging with listshere’s my Top Ten Reasons why ProBlogger has slowed down:

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Partial Poll Results – Building Blog Readership Tips Wanted

The initial results of the poll that I have currently running in the sidebar which asks readers of this blog what topics they want advice on here at Problogger are coming in and I am interested to see what seems to be emerging so far.

The runaway leader so far is a request for tips on ‘Building Blog Readership’. It’s interesting that this is the number 1 result so far because I’ve been working on developing a resource on this very topic. It won’t be ready for a few weeks – but those of you wanting to learn how to grow your readership might like to stay tuned.

The results of the poll so far are:

  1. Building Blog Readership – 93 votes
  2. Adsense Optimization – 73 votes
  3. Writing Content – 69 votes
  4. Search Engine Optimization – 53 votes
  5. Blog Design – 44 votes
  6. Blogging Tools – 36 votes
  7. Other Advertising Systems – 28 votes
  8. Affiliate Programs – 21 votes
  9. RSS Advertising – 17 votes

There is still 6 days to go of the poll so it’s too early to make any major calls – but I’m interested to see that with the exception of point two (Adsense Optimization) the points that focus upon income streams are actually at the bottom of the list and that people seem more interested in other aspects of blogging.

Blog Crushes Revealed – Round 2

BlogcrushReaders are submitting their Blog Crushes thick and fast now. In addition to Round 1’s submissions I have great pleasure in presenting 15 more lovebirds (or love-bloggers). If you want to join their ranks follow the instructions in this post. In the mean time – here are the latest crushes: