Making Money with your Blog’s Archives

Nice post by Tristan over at titled Money in the archives which talks about one of the lovely things about Pro blogging – ie its ability to continue to generate income off posts that are quite old (the archives). This is what many refer to as the principle of the Long Tail. The article compares blogging in this regard to offline media where a writer is paid a one off fee (say $1 per word) for their article. In comparison a blog post lives on and has the potential to continue to generate income:

‘Once the entry has advertising on it, any revenue generated from that advertising goes to the blog writer. Initially, it’s not comparable to the thousand dollars the writer got from a mainstream publication but, if the entry has legs (ie, it keeps serving an audience), it continues to generate money, pretty much until one of a few possible things happen:

* The writer decides to remove ads from his/her site

* The writer decides to remove the entry from the site

* The story has run its course and is no longer useful or superceded by a better one

If one writes with such a long run view, a story can generate several times what the initial payback was from a publication.’

I’ve found this principle to be true myself. I now have 11,000+ posts working for me in my archives.

However it’s also worth making a few other points:

  • this principle relies pretty heavily on your ability for your posts to rank well in search engines. The problem for most bloggers is that even though they might brilliant articles that they will have difficulty in finding readers for those articles because their blogs struggle to have enough ranking in Google and Yahoo.
  • most posts income ability to generate income will diminish over time. This will be due not only to the fact that many are time specific and will date but also because the way search engines rank posts these days is to give priority to fresh content. Over time other competing pages on your competitors (and even your own) post will often rise up and take over your position in SE’s.

I’m not wanting to discredit the TNL article – but it’s worth stating that while the theory is good – that its not always that easy. In my experience – theories of the Longtail work really well for some bloggers who have either profile or SE ranking – such strategies tend to diminish in effectiveness for less highly ranked blogs.

One last tip – you can increase the effectiveness of your archives to make money by being a little smart about highlighting your most effective older posts. I’ve been thinking about this over the past few days quite a bit.

I don’t have time to unpack it right now – but have a read of this post at Webmaster World on Filtering your Traffic for Fun and Profit and you’ll see a little of what I’ve been pondering. It’s about creating (and/or identifying) pages with a higher earning capacity and then funneling your readers in that direction.

ProBlogger HQ – Dreams and Realities

Someone asked me what I want for my ProBlogger Birthday. I said nothing – that was until I saw this:


Could this be every blogger’s dream?

The reality however is probably a little more like this for many bloggers:


Found via Gizmodo adds New Adsense Integration Features have just gone and made it easy for bloggers using their system to integrate Adsense into their templates by adding new features which allow easy selection and design of ads to blend into their blogs. Bloggers get a more automated choice of size and colors. They offer a variety of ‘match template’ options and ‘blend template’ options.

Users of the system are given the ability to preview how their ads will look before going live with their changes.

Read about it at Blogger Help : How do I put AdSense on my blog?

Six Apart – Project Comet

Six Apart has put out a press release in the last few hours annoucing a new blogging platform that they are planning to release early in 2006. It’s code named Project Comet. They are selling it as featuring Community Aggregation, Multiple Streams and Privacy.

They write:

‘Combining the weblog publishing power of Six Apart’s popular TypePad service, the community aspects of its LiveJournal offering, and the years of insight garnered from Movable Type, Project Comet will enable aggregation of content from different blogs and unparalleled ease of use. The new platform builds on Six Apart’s vision of offering an open platform for users to create add-ons and very simply hook into any application.’

Shiny Media Announces 3 New Blogs

Everyone’s favorite UK Blog Network, Shiny Media, has announced three new blogs.

They describe them as follows:

HDTV UK – High Definition TV will arrive in the UK next year and HDTV UK is the first website to deliver daily updates of the latest HD news, whether it be new HD compatible screens, HD programming or HD ready video recorders.

Pop Junkie – Written by a team of snobbish music obsessives each day PopJunkie serves up a mini review of a great lost pop album. Some are the long lost work of major artists, such as Frank Sinatra’s odd concept album from 1969 Watertown or Cathy Dennis’ Brit Pop album Am I that kind of Girl?. Others are by completely obscure bands whose records were so out of time they now reside untouched in the bargain basement bins.

Trashionista – Trashionista gets to grips with the wonderful world of female fiction. We take an unbiased look at beach reads, bestsellers, new releases and old favourites – and we actually read the books before writing about them. The Trashionista doesn’t believe that ‘chick lit’ is a dirty word – but if a book is trash, we’ll let you know!

ProBlogger Turns 1

Today ProBlogger turns 1 year old. Despite its 1465 posts it’s only a baby still.

I thought I’d do the normal celebratory thing and post a list of the 20 most popular posts from the last year (in no particular order). Feel free to nominate your favorite ProBlogger moments/posts/series in comments below if you’re in the mood for a little ProBlogger celebration also.

  1. Blogging for Dollars – One of the posts that started me off on the ProBlogging journey. While it appears here on this blog on 23 September it was actually written a couple of years ago on one of my other blogs and transferred here (as were quite a few of my first posts).
  2. Adsense Tips for Bloggers Series – Another older series of posts – popular in search engines but also because its up there at the top of my blog
  3. Monkey Bar Blogging – A post about not racing into ProBlogging full time without making sure you’ve got something to keep you going first (I send people to this post every week)
  4. 2005 Business Underblogger Awards – a Meme I ran earlier this year to highlight some of the less popular but great quality business blogs going around (it’ll be an anual award that I run)
  5. Positioning Your Adsense Ads – Very popular post – along with the whole Adsense category on this blog
  6. How Much Do I Earn from Blogging – This is a summary post that links to some of my posts talking about my earnings levels – they’d have to be among the most popular posts on the whole blog.
  7. How the Most Highly Visited Blogs Earn Money – An analysis of some of the most popular blogs going around and how they generate some amazing amounts of cold hard cash.
  8. Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – Basic Solid tips on how to get your blog climbing the Search Engines
  9. The Importance of Title Tags in Search Engine Optimization – Amazing how simple tips can have an impact – I got a lot of positive feedback from this one.
  10. One Blog Many Categories or Many Blogs? – This topic always generates a lot of discussion – we’ve talked about it numerous times on ProBlogger and it always causes controversy.
  11. What’s wrong with Blogging? – What happens when you give bloggers an opportunity to tell each other what they don’t like about blogging? An interesting conversation happens.
  12. 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog – As the header say – going beyond Adsense and BlogAds to affiliate programs.
  13. Blogging in Formation – Lessons from a Goose – One of my famous (or should that be infamous) ‘tangent posts’ about being like Geese with our blogging.
  14. Principles of Choosing a Profitable Blog Topic – Another post that caused some ripples.
  15. Converting One off Visitors to your Blog into Regular Readers – A post I often refer people to that goes beyond attracting people to your blog to examining how to keep them there.
  16. 31 Days to building a Better Blog – A recent meme that generated some of the best posts I’ve ever seen on blogging – most of which were written on readers blogs.
  17. Blog Case Study – Is it Time to Quit? – I was surprised by how many people jumped onto this case study of a blogger who was quitting blogging and why he failed.
  18. Strategic Blogging – part of the 31 Days series that generated a lot of interest.
  19. Generate a High Quantity of Content Series – an older series of posts on increasing your post numbers.
  20. Declaring War on Blog Apathy – another 31 Days series that actually helped me out of a bit of a blogging slump that I was in at the time.

I want to finish this post by saying that ProBlogger is the blog I’m most proud of – I enjoy it so much. A massive part of my love for it is the community that has been forming here. While the above posts might have been popular – what I’m most proud of about the blog is the collective wisdom and community spirit that I sense. I am continually getting feedback from readers that comments from other readers and friendships with other readers have helped them so much in their blogger – this is what it’s all about.

Here’s to another year with more of the same!

Can Blogging For Dollars Articles Find a New Angle?

Wired News has a post titled Can Bloggers Strike It Rich? today that is getting a bit of attention from bloggers around the web.

To be honest I’m not sure why – the article doesn’t contain anything that I’ve not seen written many times in other articles – in fact the first time I saw it I thought it was an old article because it reminded me so much of something I’d read months ago.

Maybe its time for some of these articles to find some fresh stories and/or a new angle?

How would you write an article on the topic of Blogging for Dollars that had a fresh spin on things? If you feel inspired to do so write one and let me know about it – I’d love to give it some attention by linking up.

Six Figure Blogger Interview – Manolo from ShoeBlogs

Shoe-BlogOne of my favorite blogs to show people when they ask to give examples of innovative ways to use blogs to earn an income is Monolo’s Shoeblog. If you haven’t seen it before you really must go have a look – it’s a blog written by ‘the Manolo’ about shoes and celebrities. Odd topic? Yes and no – in fact the more I reflect on ‘the Manolo’ the smarter I realize that they are as its a blog that crosses two popular niches – shoes and celebrity.

The blog is written in the third person by ‘the (anonymous) Manolo’ who has a real cult following. The style of writing is quirky, fun and at times quite bizarre – but I (and many thousands of others) love it!

I’ve been emailing the Manolo off and on for a while now and have been hassling them for an interview – today my wishes came true. I decided to get into the third person spirit and do the interview in that style. The Manolo answers my questions very candidly and even tells us how much the Manolo earns from the shoe blog – you might be surprised just how lucrative shoes can be!

The ProBlogger – How did the Manolo get into blogging?

The Manolo – Ah, this it is the good question. The Manolo he had been blogging in the tiny small way for many years prior to the launching of the shoe blog, but it was always most unsatisfying because it was not about the Manolo’s true love, the shoes, and so the Manolo he finally decided to follow his bliss by starting the blog about the shoes and the fashion.

The ProBlogger – If you had to describe Manolo’s Shoe Blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?

The Manolo – Shoes, fashion, celebrity, humor and Manolo!

[Read more…]

Another Six Figure Blogger Goes Public

Wow – I just got back some answers to an interview I have conducted with a ProBlogger and I’m really excited about publishing them.


Well while I know of a few bloggers making six figures directly from their blogging – I don’t know many who are willing to go public about it. This person is and luckily for me I get to break the news with this interview.

Who is it?

You’ll find out in about 8 hours – and I have a feeling that a few people will be surprised.

Update: Looks like this has gotten some people interested – they’re guessing who it is in comments below – so lets have some fun with it.

I’ll give a ProBlogger T-Shirt to the first person to leave a comment guessing who the interview is with. You get one guess per person. I’ll announce the winner (and the correct answer) when I post the interview at 1am my time tonight.

Update II – Ok – no one got the answer – its Manolo.