Entrepreneur’s Journey

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this morning chatting on IM with Yaro from Entrepreneur’s Journey. Yaro submitted posts during the 31 Day project and caught my attention with a coupe of his posts and by the fact that he’s a fellow Aussie.

Wandering through his blog has been a rich experience – worth a read is his Business Timeline (you’ll need some time – it’s long) as well as a post titled Do You Want to Run Your Own Business? which gives a good realistic indication on what it can be like for someone getting into small business. He makes points in this last post on:

1. Say good bye to a reliable and predictable income.

2. Your business is your life.

3. You may never make real money until you sell your business.

4. There is no superannuation, paid leave or sick leave.

5. Workmates

I’d say for me all of his points ring true – perhaps except for point 3 at this stage of my business.

Anyway – check out Yaro’s stuff – he’s an inspiring guy.

Six Figure Blogging – Early Bird Discount

If you’re considering enrolling in the Six Figure Blogging course that Andy and I are running then you might be interested in the Early Bird Discount that we’ve just announced which is valid up until September 8th midnight (US EST).

This gives people to register for the free call (you can’t access it without registration) and have a listen to it either live or via download and then make a decision about whether to sign up or not. The discount is $55 (USD) which we hope will make things more accessible for people.

Don’t forget you can help pay for your course, and/or earn a few dollars on the side by joining the affiliate program and promoting the course. You get 50% of the fees of anyone who you are responsible for signing up through linking to the program.

Yahoo Publishing Network Agreement Excludes Non US Readers from Viewing Ads

A reader just emailed me to let me know that he’d been accepted into Yahoo’s Publishing Network as a beta tester but that he’d noticed a rather odd clause in the agreement that he had to enter into. The section in question reads:

‘you are a US-based business and you are operating Your Site solely for viewing and use by users within the US; and

display all or part of the Ad Unit to any user located outside the US;’

I knew Yahoo were only accepting US publishers into the beta test – but to limit them to only show ads to US readers is news to me and rather impractical. I know that I’ve seen quite a few sites with YPN ads (I’m in Australia) so either a lot of beta testers are breaking this agreement or YPN have made some sort of a mistake with the clause.


Blog Herald tests

Duncan has been invited to Alpha test and has been documenting his set up and initial impressions of it here. His actual testblog is over here (not much to see yet).

I’ve been asked if I want an invitation and have replied in the affirmative and am awaiting the official invitation. Looking forward to it – although a little disappointed by the news from Duncan that there is no way to tweak templates. There is a chance this is not just a Alpha testing quirk either with some saying its just the way is. If this is the case you’ll not see many/any probloggers using the system as it’ll mean an inability to add ad code.

Anyway – I’m keen to test it for myself and run it through it’s paces.

Scoop Blogging

Nikon-D200-Tm-1Sometimes it is really fun to be a small time blogger because it can free you up to do things that a lot of the bigger websites in your niche are unable to do.

For example – my Digital Camera site is one of my bigger blogs – yet in comparison to some of the biggest digicam website our there it’s very small. This doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally beat the big sites at their own game though. Today is an example of this.

This afternoon I had an email from a reader with ‘connections’ who gave me information on a digital camera (the Nikon D200) which has been rumored to be coming out for 12 months now. It’s a camera that everyone has hypothesized about but which there have been few firm details on. So when I got a picture and specifications (still unconfirmed but looking pretty solid) as well as a few other facts that indicate the information is reliable I posted about it on a Nikon D200 page.

The cool thing about this is that because I’m a smaller site and am not seen as a major player by the major digital camera manufacturers I do not have any of the non disclosure agreements with them that most of the other bigger sites have. I know that most of these sites will have information on this new camera days before it’s announced – but that legally they are bound not to mention it on their sites until the official release date (rumored to be 1 September).

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