Adsense Earnings Graphs

Two ProBlogger readers have decided to graph their Adsense earnings (without actual dollar amounts) over at LiewCF and My other Side of the Stories. Of course there are no numbers indicating earnings levels – but the shapes of the graphs are promising.

Google Backlink (and Page Rank) Update in Progress

I had a hunch that Google would do an update this weekend and this morning I have logged on to find that an backlink update is under way. I had a feeling they’d use the long weekend to do it. Update: It looks like this could be a Page Rank Update also.

You’ll find that this takes a few days to really settle down and if you follow your backlink levels that they could take a day or two to settle down.

You can follow the forum discussions on this update at Webmasterworld and Digital Point.

What’s the significance of backlinks? In short and to completely over simplify it – backlinks are a measure of how many other sites are linking to yours. Each backlinks is like a vote for your blog – the more you have the higher your site should theoretically rank in Google. Of course there are many other factors that impact how high your site ranks – but its largely thought that backlinks are one of the most significant factors. As a result any update in backlinks is something that causes webmasters around the world to collectively hold their breath for a few days.

This update is already showing some strange results for me – I know its too early to tell (I’m ignoring my own advice of ‘wait and see’ here) but seems to have significantly fallen in its backlinks. This is really odd because the last two months have seen more incoming links pointing at this blog than I think I’ve ever had on any other blog. I guess time will tell.

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How to tell your Partner you’re going to be a ProBlogger

Chrish has posted an interesting post over at Quertyrash titled ‘How do you tell your better half you’re going to be a pro-blogger?‘ He writes:

‘Was just chatting to a friend and told her:

How do i tell my wife?!! “It’s okay dear, I’m just gunna play on the internet for a couple of years to see if i can make some money”

Somehow, I can’t see my wife going for that…’

I can speak a little from personal experience on this topic. My wonderful partner’s name is ‘V’ and she has been a massive part of my blogging journey in an indirect way. While ‘V’ has never had a blog and rarely reads any that I write – she has been incredibly supportive of me building up this business – particularly in the past 18 months. How did we get to this point? Well to be honest it’s been a bit of a journey and I would give the following advice:

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Red Cross Donation Button


Quite a few people have asked how they can put a red cross donate now button on their blog like the one that I have in the upper right hand corner. You can simply do so by following the instructions on Brian Alvey’s Weblog.

Found via Jason

Copycat Blogging – Open Mike

Ok – I’d like to start an ‘open mike’ discussion in the comments of this post on a topic that I’ve been wondering how to raise for a while now. I’d honestly like your opinion on this (I’ll keep it as a ‘hypothetical’):

If (hypothetically) you started a blog on a niche topic and started to get some popularity around it but then found that a number of your readers were starting blogs with not only on the same topic but using the same blog name and variations of your URL – how would you react? Review

TECH has a Review – written on an actual blog. I’ve been invited into the alpha testing also and from what I’ve seen so far it’s shaping up to be a great system. I’m looking forward to seeing what features they add as it moves towards a beta test.

Live Blogging Resumes

‘V’ and I returned last night from our mini-break – three days of touring wineries, eating at some amazing restaurants, sitting in front of cosy fires, reading intriguing books and enjoying some sunshine and beautiful countryside.

There was no blogging, no email, no spam comments, no trolls, no earnings updates, no SEO, no interviews and no instant messaging.

Of course as usual we went away just when things heated up here at ProBlogger (it seems to be the way that every time I can’t blog that some sort of controversy or massive influx of visitors happens). My announcement of reaching six figures from blogging from Adsense in 12 months caused as stir as you’d expect. The response was overwhelmingly positive and any problems were handled wonderfully by regular readers in comments. Thanks for that.

Taking a break from your entrepreneurial blogging activities is a definite must. I’m feeling now feeling refreshed and am ready for a massive month of blogging.

Over the next few weeks I’m winding down an offline project that I’ve been working on for the past six months which will mean I have an extra couple of days per week to dedicate to blogging related activities.

As a result I’ve been working with a number of other bloggers on a variety of new projects recently and am looking forward to making some announcements in the coming weeks. Some of these are large scale collaborations and others are smaller – but large or small I’m hoping that the results will be a stable and growing blogging enterprise. Stay tuned….

Blog Manager II

Peter has continued his thinking about the Blog Manager concept:

‘Instead of trying to market myself, I’d try to form an alliance with a brand name blogger. Someone who’s doing well, who people know. Someone with a demonstrated history of generating a buck from his or her blog. How would I do that? Very good question, given how busy these uber-bloggers are. I’d make them an offer they can’t refuse.

“Let’s form a partnership,” I’d say. “50/50. You supply the credibility and expertise, and I’ll do the work.” If there’s one thing a problogger loves its making money from blogging. This would be a hard opportunity to pass up. “What, you mean I talk to you on the phone for 10 minutes describing what I’d do, and you give me a couple of hundred bucks? Yeah, ok, let’s do it.”’

Read more at The Blog Studio

Rotating Adsense Ad Colours

Cash Keywords has a good reminder that Adsense has a feature that allows you to Create Rotating Adsense Ad Colours which is one technique that can help overcome ad blindness.

I think this is a particularly helpful tool for those blogs and websites with a lot of repeat readers. For example a site like Engadget (which has a very loyal readership) rotates the style and colours of its ads every impression. In doing so they change the look of their site subtly every time a reader logs in and in the process give their ads every chance of having their ads seen.

So if you’ve got loyal readership consider rotating your ads. On the flip side if your traffic comes largely from search engines it may be smarter to find the colour and design that works best and to stick to it rather than risk having lower performing configurations appear on your blog.

How do you do it? Here’s Google’s explanation:

‘For added variety and freshness, you can even choose to rotate through up to 4 different color palettes at a time. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need a newer web browser with JavaScript functionality (Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape 6+). However, the color choices will be visible to users of most web browsers.’