ProBlogger Readers Fly High in Style

Bloggers-FlyTim Flight emailed me this morning to show me a picture of him and Jeremy Wright on an outing on the weekend where they went flying together.

Take a closer look at the picture and you’ll note that Tim (on the left) is not only flying high – but he’s flying with real style while wearing a ProBlogger T-Shirt. Click to enlarge the picture for a better look.

Of course – the offer still stands. Anyone who buys a ProBlogger T-Shirt, Bag, cap, mug etc and sends us a picture of them wearing it gets the picture published with a link back to their blog.

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  1. So Problogger has joined the Mile High Club. Interesting.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    I was going to make some remark about the mile high club but wasn’t sure that these two fine Gentlemen would appreciate me starting rumors like that ;-)

    Of course now I can say ‘John started it’!

  3. Cary says:



  4. Doesn’t look like there’s room for a stewardess on that little tub :-)

  5. Tim Flight says:

    Now, now…. I don’t think my girlfriend would be too impressed with that rumor. :)

  6. ChrisH says:

    …Anyone who buys a ProBlogger T-Shirt, Bag, cap, mug etc and sends us a picture of them wearing it…

    Hmmm? Are there any clauses or conditions on how I wear the mug I bought?

  7. Darren Rowse says:

    hmm – the mind boggles at what you’ve got planned. Perhaps I need to put a ‘family friendly clause on it.