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Someone asked me what I want for my ProBlogger Birthday. I said nothing – that was until I saw this:


Could this be every blogger’s dream?

The reality however is probably a little more like this for many bloggers:


Found via Gizmodo

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  1. It’ll be every blogger’s nightmare if the screws work loose :-)

  2. Vicki says:

    Well I dunno, I rather fancy this:

    Or perhaps the one in the pic in the top left corner…


  3. duncan says:

    Looking at that top pic I’m glad to see that you’re dreaming of a Windows based PC and you’ll be joining the rest of us soon :-)

  4. Darren Rowse says:


    I’m just waiting for them to announce their upgrades to the PowerMac and I’ll be buying one of those with two nice big 20 or 23 inch cinema screens. :-)

  5. Lei says:

    Notice that the top set-up is for a single bed. I’m guessing that blogger hasn’t had a companion in a while.

  6. Ooooh. I just got a 23″ cinema display this week. Killer. Absolutely killer

  7. Cary says:

    Darren, I use a 23″ cinema screen on my G5 at work and it is freakin’ beautiful.

    The mac is a lovely blogging machine, too : ) I do almost all of my blog work on a tiny, 12″ iBook…but it works like a dream.

    Wouldn’t change a thing!

  8. Cary says:

    Lei (Hsien)…I’m guessing that’s a common problem for serious bloggers ; )

  9. Darnell says:

    Heh. My friend had something similiar in his bed. He used power cables instead to hold up the computer (and actually had the keyboard suspended as well!)

    Unfortunately it led to a nightmare as he would never leave his room (why when you are always connected with T-1 access). The company frowned on that. ;)

  10. Michael Josh says:

    Funny how when me and my friend we discussing what we’d buy when money wasn’t a question I thought of putting all my tech gadgets in one room. I guess I’d almost never leave.

  11. jesse says:

    you’d either have to get amazing vision, or a huge font

  12. Cary says:

    Perhaps a head-mounted magnifying glass?


  13. yunasville says:

    Haha.. I took a photo of my doorway when I was heavily blogging:

    And I haven’t checked my mails for like 2 weeks… Somebody help me!

  14. ME Strauss says:

    Gee and I was just hoping to fit in a nap.

  15. […] Well, inspired by a great post and discussion going on over at ProBlogger (which was in-turn inspired by this post at Gizmodo,) I’ve decided to start a little meme…I’m calling it the BlogSpaces Project. The idea is to get bloggers to take a photo of their blogging environment in all it’s geeky glory […]

  16. Mike says:

    All I can say is that I knew the pic for about a year, but it’s a messed up German sitting on that smokey-keyboard.

    – Gerolsteiner (german sparkling table water)
    – Repcid-something (daily dose of german pills)
    – Gordon’s Gin (in the cheap german LIDL market variant)
    – äöü umlauts are on the keyboard (i have a picture with a higher resolution)

  17. Jon says:

    It would be great having a monitor over your bed until one day it falls in your head.

  18. DrDel says:

    I personally like the blog picture of a the guy who is lying sideways on his bed resting on a pillow and his computer monitor is also on its side so he can watch it…


  19. Tiago Gaspar says:

    How about something like this?

    Not so confy as the bed, but more secure!

  20. Heh :)

    Nice Blog man ….. good job :)

    I use wireless mouse to browse my computer while i’m on the bed reading some PDF books :)


  1. […] ProBogger looks great in Mac I.E. 5.0, though! What a relief to be able to read something legible. Just so I can spend the rest of the day without shaking uncontrollably. […]