Guide to leaving Weblog Comments

Lifehacker has a good guide to weblog comments with the following tips:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Contribute new information to the discussion.
  • Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
  • Know when to comment and when to e-mail.
  • Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all.
  • Make the tone of your message clear.
  • Own your comment.
  • Be succinct.
  • Cite your sources with links or inline quoting.
  • Be courteous.
  • Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.
  • Do not feed or tease the trolls.

What would you add or subtract from the list?

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  1. It’s pretty hard to comment after a list like this one…;-)

    I think it’s mostly common sense. Be a nice guy and your comment will be appreciated.

  2. Comment about these comments about comments: RSS feed to comments is a must have for the blogger. You don’t have it, Darren.

  3. Mike Sigers says:


    This fits in with another blog post I just read and posted about.

    It has 9 actionable points for successful blogging and successful living.

    This list and that one make for a great day of blogging.

    Clicking my name, of course, takes you to my post or here’s a direct link:

    Thanks for the info, I hope this adds to the discussion.

  4. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting – those one’s really annoy me – they’re called “me too” comments.

    Know when to comment and when to e-mail – too true. People sometimes forget that a comment is there for all the world to see – if it’s personal in nature go the email route.

    be succinct – yup, that’s one of my faults … I like to crap on too much.

    Do not feed or tease the trolls – ahh, shucks c’mon, that’s part of the fun – slapping the trolls around a little.

  5. Tom Hanna says:

    Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional…

    “We never knew Tom drank till he tried to blog sober.”

  6. Allan Burns says:

    Let me have a go then.

    Congratulations Darren, I noticed you have passed 1000 RSS subscribers. How about your views on RSS, RSS seems to be very underestimated and having 1000 subscribers is a big deal.

    Ok then what about hijacking posts, wow, just like real conversations.

  7. maau says:

    hi darren as my collegue (conic) pointed out i have opnion so some like that

  8. ricko says:

    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it!


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