Blog Networks – A List

Duncan has Blog Networks on the brain and has posted a long List of Blog Networks which shows just how popular the practice of linking blogs together under one banner has become.

He’s got a list of 35 so far but I’m sure there are others!

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  1. Mathew says:

    Is that title ‘a list’ of ‘A-List’ :)

  2. Mathew says:

    Of course I meant ‘or’, not ‘of’.

  3. Andy Merrett says:

    There are others, but they don’t all meet the exact criteria – some networks are ‘looser’ in their approach to ownership issues, though all member sites are still visually branded in some way to the network.

  4. duncan says:

    I’m not sure whether this is a go at me or not, but I’ve not tried to be judgemental in the list, but if I was to include every man and his dog who got together with a few other people and called themselves a network I’d never be able to write a decent list…the political blogging networks/ groups/ federations and their various other names come to mind. Are these people worthy of a list? hell yeh! (as you know I like lists :-) ) but I can only do one list at a time :-)

  5. Andy Merrett says:

    No it wasn’t at all, seriously. You explained the criteria and they’re sensible. The word ‘network’ is quite vague in itself. I’ll tell you straight if I’m having a go at you (I usually do) :)

  6. Mike Rundle says:

    And on a totally separate list, 9rules and Federated Media Publishing are having a party! Anyone want to join us?

  7. Gayla says:

    If it hadn’t been for Darren and some of the comments of his readers, I don’t know if I would have ever broken the $1000 mark for a single month on Google. I did that in the month of August and frankly September already has me doing a little jig!

    When a person or group of people with as much wisdom and “ensight” as these guys have offer up advice for FREE that can create such results as mine, what’s not to trust?

    Never in a million years would any of those other networks offer up the information to inspire and create results such as mine!

    I still say it’s all about trust! And the proof is in the puddin’ errr Check!