Blog Crushes Revealed – Round 1

BlogcrushIt’s time to reveal the first 11 Blog Crushes that readers have for other bloggers.

Do you have a blog crush on another blogger? It’s not about having a ‘real crush’ – but do you admire another blogger? Write a post about your blog crush with a link back to the central blog crush page and then let us know about it so we can add you to the list there. You’ve got until 21 September to get your entry in. In the process you’ll spread some blogging love to another blogger and highlight your own blog a little too.

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  1. Allan Burns says:

    There’s a place in my heart for it’s those moody photos that does it and the site design is very understated to give the photographs all the limelight. Darren, I guess your blog is ok too.

  2. Kobayashi says:

    Here is my Crush Blog Crushes Blog Crushes.

  3. Tiago Gaspar says:

    And my Blog Crush goes to… Pop Gadget

  4. ME Strauss says:

    I’m so confused about how to let you know
    Your link is safely in my post.
    and my Blog Crush goes

    S.L. Cunningham of Unburned Pieces of the Mind. found at