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Duncan has just posted one of the most useful posts I’ve read anywhere for quite a while in his post Conclusions from tracking ads where he writes 7 great reflections on advertising on blogs which come after 4 weeks of tracking his ads using a couple of ad tracking systems. Here are his headings (each one is expanded at Duncan’s full post):

1. New ads work
2. Regular readers tend to be ad blind
3. Old posts = revenue
4. Niche topics deliver better ad results
5. Network bars don’t work
6. Top banners are marginally better
7. Text Links work

Quality post Duncan!

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  1. Kobayashi says:

    As a blog reader i can say ‘Regular readers tend to be ad blind’ is right for me.So who clicks these ads, only people that come from search engines?
    I think this shows fresh and live sites are better.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    I think regular readers are blind to AdSense ads (they are very popular with people incoming from searches, since they are already looking for something) while they are a bit more in tune to branded ads. By that I mean, if I have an ad up from Nokia for a hot new phone, regular readers would take notice.

    But I agree with the post, that is almost cheating if you didn’t find that info out the hard way!

  3. Dustin Davis says:

    I have a question, sort of off-topic. I notice in my RSS reader that some of your feeds have a google ad below the snippet. How did you do this? Here is the link:…

  4. Rich Owings says:

    Am I link-blind or did you not post a link to Duncan’s site? ;-)

  5. Nick says:
  6. Rich Owings says:

    That is his site? Maybe I’m really dense, but I still can’t find the post Darren mentioned.

  7. Darren Rowse says:

    Rich there are two links to his post above – one is the text ‘Conclusions from tracking ads’ and the other is ‘full post’.

    Nick posted that link to answer Dustin’s question. Yep I have Adsense for feeds in my RSS.

  8. What really caught my attention was the older posts – maybe we’re not doing enough to harness their potential. Seems that once it scrolls off our main page they’re usually forgotten.

  9. It also seems many users now block ads using adblock etc.


  1. Meen Blog says:

    Blogwerbung: Was man muss man bei Werbung Blogs beachten?

    Duncan vom Blog Herald hat seine Blogwerbung über 4 Wochen hinweg genau getrackt. Jetzt zieht er seine Schlüsse. 7 Weisheiten die zur Diskussion anregen: New ads work Regular readers tend to be ad blind Old posts = revenue Niche topics delive…