Adsense Stats Will Be Down for Maintenance

The official Adsense blog is advising Adsense publishers that Adsense stats will be down for six hours later tonight (Aussie time). This is the first time (in my memory) that I’ve ever seen Adsense give official warning of such maintenance – usually they just do it and discussion forums go crazy with people worrying and complaining about the lack of updates.

Don’t worry if you’re a publisher – while you won’t be able to see your stats during this six hour period – your earnings will still be counted and should be as normal at the end of the maintenance period.

Well done Adsense team – using your blog in this way is what I was hoping you’d do!

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  1. Mike says:

    Are your stats down at all after the end of August with everything happening in the world at the moment? I can’t believe the sudden drop. Hope it isn’t just me.

  2. Does anybody have ideas on how I could pass the time? Maybe I’ll just go to sleep at 3PM EST? What’s the point?

  3. Jason Gilman says:

    No, actually my stats are a bit up in general. I’ve had several Katrina related posts that got a lot of traffic.

  4. Nick says:

    I was wondering why my stats said $0…then I remembered I’m testing out YPN. Just got invited yesterday. :-) It’s been less than 24 hours, but early indications show higher CTR, higher CPM, and a lot higher revenue.