Creative Weblogging launches Creative Reporter System

Creative Weblogging has just launched the Creative Reporter System where they are inviting people to submit posts to their system and will pay them $10 per 1000 page views of their posts. They explain:

‘Creative Reporter is your online reporter desk that allows you to share and contribute news with the audience of Creative Weblogging. In exchange all contributors will be mentioned when published and rewarded based on their contributions Page Views (actually US$10 for 1,000 Page Views). As a reporter you will get access into our newsroom and see statistics incl. comments on your contribution.

You may submit text, video and audio content – wherever you see a fit. ‘

$10 per 1000 page views – sounds like worthwhile pay. I’ve just taken a look over a few of my blogs and $10 per 1000 page views is about the average earnings via Adsense on some of them. I guess the big question one would want to ask is just how many page views would an average post on the Creative Weblogging Network attract?

I’ve chatted with a couple of their bloggers off and on over the past year and have heard that they don’t do massive traffic – but I guess maybe things have changed.

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  1. duncan says:

    Which pages, I want to copy them :-) God, if I could get $10 per 1000 page views (as opposed to ad views etc..) I’d be retiring from all other work and would be on about $70k a month from my blogs.

  2. colbert says:

    I’ve just registered and waiting for them to reply to me

  3. Does this remind anyone else of Googlezon, the Google Grid and EPIC 2014? I think this kind of syndication is likely to be the direction that blogging takes in the future.

    PS. I just elaborated on my Googlezon idea:


  1. says:

    Blog-Reporter bei Creative Weblogging – Bezahlung per PageViews

    Creative Weblogging bietet mit Creative Reporter für potentielle Blogautoren eine neue Möglichkeit an mitzuschreiben und damit auch Geld zu verdienen.
    Man erhält einen eigenen “Newsroom”, wo man seinen Artikel einstellen, Kommentare au…

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