Adsense and YPN on the Same Blog?

Speaking of Creative Weblogging – in writing the last post I decided to take a wander through their network – which has been redesigned in the past few months (boy did it need it). It’s scrubbed up ok – but I can’t help but notice that they are running Google Adsense Ads and Yahoo Publishing Network Ads on the same page on every blog that they own.

This is in direct violation of both Adsense and YPN’s TOS and I’d recommend they make up their mind and just use one system before getting themselves banned from one or both.

I’ve tried to email them to let them know of the violation but for some reason my email bounced – if somoene knows the guys behind it you might want to let them know that they are flirting with danger.

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  1. Paul Short says:

    Yeah, they’re one of the perps I’ve had my eye on for a while now. It’s not quite as blatent as the blog I was referring to in this post, but darn close.

  2. Jim Kukral says:

    Cut Torsten a break, maybe he doesn’t know that’s a violation? I will email him right now.

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    I don’t know too many bloggers who don’t know its a violation. Sure maybe its an oversite but any blogger worth their while would take the time to work out what they can and cant do. Creative Weblogging have been using Adsense for a long time and should know better.

    thanks for emailing them though. I think I’m having email issues and getting bounced by more than just their email system.

  4. Kobayashi says:

    Google says:
    “We do not permit Google ads or search boxes accessing Google search services to be published on web pages that also contain what could be considered competing ads or services.”
    Who are these ‘competing ads or services’. I think Yahoo is one of them. What abaout Amazon. Is it a competitor. And other Affiliates? Does google have a list that shows their competitors. Where we will look when we decided to add a new Ad service to our site?

  5. Darren Rowse says:

    Here is my simple advice.

    When in doubt – email Adsense and ask for clarification.

    The rule they they always seem to come back with is that ads cannot:

    1. look like or be confused with Adsense ads
    2. be contextual ads

  6. Jon says:

    I have ofton wondered this too. I assume it means anyone that displays ads based on content. I could very well be wrong but that seems to be their direct competition. So far I only use adsense so I ahve not had to worry about it though.

  7. wwinfo says:

    Well some people…. If you’re going to test YPN and want to stay within the guidlines, just alternate ads on page views, Yahoo then Google. Split it 50/50 and decide which one makes you more money.

  8. Arun Kumar says:

    I’ve seen several sites using AdSense & AdBrite and there haven’t been any problems. I contacted Google a long time ago about using both, and I was told its OK.

    As far as YPN is concerned, on their policies page, it says “We will not show results on pages that contain problematic content, including but not limited to: Excessive, duplicate or competing advertisements.”

    The Creative Weblogging site is using the same exact colors, if you scroll down too quickly, you could easily confuse the two unless you notice “Ads by Goooooogle” or “Ads by Yahoo!”

    Full Google Competitive Ads Policy

    “We do not permit Google ads or search boxes accessing Google search services to be published on web pages that also contain what could be considered competing ads or services. If you have elected to receive contextually-targeted Google ads, this would include all other contextually-targeted ads or links on the same page as Google ads. This would also include ads throughout the site that mimic Google ads or otherwise appear to be associated with Google on your site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure these ads do not mimic Google ads. If you have elected to receive Google search services, this would include other search services on the same site and non-Google query-targeted ads. We do allow affiliate or limited-text links.”

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks, Arun. I think that puts it pretty straight. If you’ve got other context sensitive ads on the same page as your Google ads, you’re violating the agreement. I’m sure YPN’s agreement is the same, or similar. I would hope that they would at least give you a warning, though.

  10. Khurrum Maqbool says:

    Arun wrote: “I’ve seen several sites using AdSense & AdBrite and there haven’t been any problems. I contacted Google a long time ago about using both, and I was told its OK.”

    I recently contacted google and asked them if I could use Adsense and AdBrite on the same page and I was told that I was not allowed to because AdBrite uses contexual ads and they look like google ads.

    You may be refering to adbrites non-contextual ad service which users can buy.

  11. I have a post where Adsense & Adbrite can work together. But you are right that it is for the non-contextual ad service. I have both on my blog.

  12. Steve says:

    If they weren’t cut from the program… they have a better chance of being cut now that you’ve outed them publicly

  13. IndianUncle says:

    Here is true solution for this

    Alternate Yahoo YPN and Google AdSense ads generation without violating TOS

  14. I’m just starting to use Adbrite on some of my sites which also have Adsense ads so I’m hoping it’s ok. From everything I’ve been able to find, seems like it’s ok as long as you use the non-contextual adbrite ads. To be safe I think I’ll make them a different color too so they don’t look like the adsense ads. As someone else mentioned, I hope they would at least give a warning before banning you from adsense.

  15. mahesh says:

    What do you think about YPN? They are not open for otside US yet.
    But Adpinion is good it works with adsense.I don’t know how much dollar u need to earn before they send you check or paypal your hard earned bucks.