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TECH has a Review – written on an actual blog. I’ve been invited into the alpha testing also and from what I’ve seen so far it’s shaping up to be a great system. I’m looking forward to seeing what features they add as it moves towards a beta test.

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  1. David says:

    You are so lucky…I wish I was invited too… Not that I have any specific purpose for my blog. I would probably give it to my gf to blog with… I am really interested in playing with the WP 1.6 backend.

  2. OMEITOR says:

    Then why don’t you just install 1.6 on your site, make a new directory and add a test blog, or if you are feeling lucky, you can install 1.6 on your main blog and see what happens!

    BTW, that’s my site, and my review, hope you guys like it :)

  3. when will i be able to create a setup whereby people can create their own wordpress blogs on my server? i’d like to create a mini-network focused on a certain niche.

  4. OMEITOR says:

    Try WordPress MU, it’s what uses…


  1. […] 一方、海外で TypePad の競争相手として注目を集めている新興 blog ホスティングサービス については、大量のDELLサーバがデータセンタに運び込まれてたりとか、ユーザの一人がレビューを書いてたりとか、またそれが ProBlogger で取り上げられたりとかしてます。レビューの結論はこんな感じ。 After all, only time can show if is really going to make serious competition for Typepad, but if the development team (Matt and Donncha i guess..) continue doing things like now, updating the service and adding new features everyday, as well as answering support and feedback emails on a record time for people that I’m sure have a lot of other things to do, can easily beat Typepad. […]