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‘V’ and I returned last night from our mini-break – three days of touring wineries, eating at some amazing restaurants, sitting in front of cosy fires, reading intriguing books and enjoying some sunshine and beautiful countryside.

There was no blogging, no email, no spam comments, no trolls, no earnings updates, no SEO, no interviews and no instant messaging.

Of course as usual we went away just when things heated up here at ProBlogger (it seems to be the way that every time I can’t blog that some sort of controversy or massive influx of visitors happens). My announcement of reaching six figures from blogging from Adsense in 12 months caused as stir as you’d expect. The response was overwhelmingly positive and any problems were handled wonderfully by regular readers in comments. Thanks for that.

Taking a break from your entrepreneurial blogging activities is a definite must. I’m feeling now feeling refreshed and am ready for a massive month of blogging.

Over the next few weeks I’m winding down an offline project that I’ve been working on for the past six months which will mean I have an extra couple of days per week to dedicate to blogging related activities.

As a result I’ve been working with a number of other bloggers on a variety of new projects recently and am looking forward to making some announcements in the coming weeks. Some of these are large scale collaborations and others are smaller – but large or small I’m hoping that the results will be a stable and growing blogging enterprise. Stay tuned….

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  1. Kitty says:

    looking forward to it all D.

  2. Welcome back Darren … sounds like you had a great short break.

    Admit it: you knew the “you know what” was gonna hit the fan and off you go and come back when the dust settles ;-)

    BTW, where’d you actually go – sounds like the Morning Peninsula, although there are Wineries scattered everywhere, so did you go Bush?

    Stay tuned … you really like keeping us in suspense ;-)

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    we went to the Beachworth area. Very nice. I need to not eat for a week or so – but very nice.

  4. William Cox says:

    Darren, what kind of SPAM levels do you get in comments? My site is set up so I have to approve every comment, but I don’t get many comments, so this isn’t a problem. However, I was wondering how you handle the situation.

  5. Darren Rowse says:

    William I have built in spam filters that catch most of it but on some of my blogs some slips through. These are largely the blogs that I’m yet to update the software/platform for so it’s my own fault.

    WP has great great filtering which captures 99% of it.

  6. ChrisH says:

    Welcome back Darren. Glad you had such a good time up our way (I live in Wang). Beechworth is a lovely place, Stanley and Yack too.

  7. Andy Merrett says:

    Looking forward to the next round of announcements.

    We went to Devon for a long weekend last week and it was definitely what was needed. I didn’t touch the Net once from Friday morning til Tuesday evening, which is quite an achievement. Devon is a much nicer pace than London – I wouldn’t mind problogging from there if and when I can..

    As for the spam – hmm well I get the occasional trackback spam on one of the blogs I guested for you – hehe.

  8. eckes says:

    Darren, you are lucky a compareable Dinner with ‘M.’ looks like this:

    (at least until she is used to moblogging :)