Short Vacation

V and I will be heading up the highway this morning for a long weekend away from Melbourne. After a pretty massive month of blogging and other work the break comes at a good time for us both as we’re both pretty worn out. I’ll be leaving my laptop at home so it shall be a completely blogging free long weekend. Don’t worry if you’re relying upon ProBlogger for some reading over the weekend though – I’ve left a couple of posts to go off over the next day or two.

I’m told it is a long weekend this weekend in the US also. So those of you who are Adsense users will probably have a lower few days than normal – its on weekends like these that Adsense discussion forums go a little crazy with people thinking that Adsense has broken – it hasn’t so don’t stress too much.

It’s also weekends like these that Google often rolls out updates of page rank and backlinks. I don’t know if this will happen (I’ve not got any inside word) but you never know – I’ve got a hunch that its about due.

So have a good weekend wherever you are – I hope its a safe and restful one.

Lastly – consider visiting and supporting Red Cross or some other organization to support their work around the world on this weekend where there are so many struggling (like in the Gulf Coast and Niger to name just two).

Have a good weekend.

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  1. You’re learning Darren ;-) taking a break and leave blogging alone for a few days. It’ll refresh your mind.

    We can sometimes become slaves to our blog … gotta post, always looking for that next post. So …. ave as good long weekend :-)

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, have a good weekend break.

  3. Jim Turner says:

    What? No guest bloggers?

  4. Cary says:

    Have a lovely weekend, Darren : D

  5. Andrew says:

    As a person who spends too much time in front of his computer, it’s a pretty good idea to get away from technology completely for a few days now and then.

    Is it just me or is the feeling of getting back after a few days to a mountain of emails and stuff to read also pretty cool?

    I also notice that posts were being made on problogger even though you were on holidays, what software allowed you to do that Darren?


  1. […] I had a hunch that Google would do an update this weekend and this morning I have logged on to find that an backlink update is under way. I had a feeling they’d use the long weekend to do it. Update: It looks like this could be a Page Rank Update also. […]