BuzzMachine Adds Ads

Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine has announced in the past day or two that he’s decided to put ads on his blog in a post titled Open for business. I’ve often looked at his site and wondered how he’d do with Adsense and/or BlogAds – I guess we’re about to find out. Jeff’s reasons for putting the ads on the site are twofold:

1) I don’t make as much as I used to.

2) I want to learn how ads work and because I talk about the topic often, I realized it’s time to get my money where my mouth is.

Good luck with the Ads Jeff!

Affiliate Programs For Blogs

Ok – it’s time to kick the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog into overdrive and talk about a few ways that you can make money from your blog.

Let’s start with Affiliate programs (this will be a mini series).

What is an Affiliate Program?

To oversimplify it – an affiliate program is a system that pays you a commission when people buy a product having found that product via your blog. Let me use an example. If you click on this link for Jeremy Wright’s upcoming book – Blog Marketing (something I’m genuinely interested in reading myself) you’ll be taken to’s page for that book. IF you purchase it I will get a small commission for sending you there (the commission is somewhere between 4 and 9% of the price at Amazon – depending upon how much you sell, what the product is and a number of other factors).

Affiliate programs come in a massive array of shapes and sizes and on thousands of different niche topics. Over the next few days I’m going to speak about a few Affiliate programs that you might wish to try out and then will give some tips as to how to use them most effectively.

This series continues at – Amazon Associates Program, Clickbank Affiliate Program, Commission Junction Affiliate Program and Linkshare’s program. Also read the final post in the series – 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog.

Blogging in the Age

Melbourne newspaper ‘The Age’ features a small profile on me today (complete with a picture that half my neighborhood saw being taken in my front yard – embarrassment) as part of a larger feature on Blogging. Also in the feature is a piece looking at Blog Advertising and featuring an interview with Henry Copeland from BlogAds.

So welcome to readers from the Age – If you’re interested in blogging and/or making a living from it, please feel free to surf around.

Most of the articles on this blog (there are 1300 pages in all) are hidden away in the categories archives which can be accessed through the menus at the top of the page and through the menu at the bottom of the left side bar (Archives).

Also helpful are the pages About ProBlogger and About Darren. Lastly you may wish to subscribe to a weekly email newsletter which gives a summary of what I write about here.

Lastly you may also be interested in a six week teleseminar course that I’m running with another blogger called Six Figure Blogging

I hope you enjoy your stay at ProBlogger – if you need any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Amazon Shorts

Has anyone ever tried using Amazon Shorts as a way to sell content? I’ve heard of a couple of people recently who have been using it but don’t know how they’ve gone. Could be interesting – let me know if you’ve given it a go.

31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 21

It’s day 21 in the 31 Days Project today and I’ll keep it simple today – here are the reader submissions for today. Feel free to let me know about any blog tip posts that you post. Here’s the last 24 hours of submitted tips: Reacts to Spam Blogs and Comments

Blogger at last seems to be doing something about the rise of Spam Blogs and Comment spam on blogs with two new features – a “Flag” button which allows readers to report questionable content to Blogger and Word Verification for Comments which aims to attack comment spam (optional feature). Hopefully these help – I guess they rely completely upon users using them – but it’s a step in the right direction.

Source (via Kurt)

MT to offer Unlimited Blogs for Free Users

Six Apart got a lot of criticism with it’s previous releases of Movable Type for not allowing unlimited free use of it’s platform. Mena has announced that this will change with the upcoming release of MT 3.2. She writes:

‘with version 3.2, *all users* will be entitled to unlimited weblogs. This goes for free users, as well. A lot of the rationale behind this was that the multiple weblog management is so good in 3.2, that we didn’t want to have the limit anymore.’

Read more at Six Apart – Mena’s Corner

Weekend Adsense CTR Upswing

Does anyone else noticed a definite increase in their Click Through Rate (CTR) on weekends for their Adsense performance?

Whilst we’re not allowed to talk specific numbers I find that most weekends my CTR can pick up to the point where my overall earnings are often as good as my weekday totals despite having significantly less traffic to my sites.

I wonder if people surfing the web on weekends are just more relaxed and willing to take their time more and follow the links/ads that you have on your site? Just a theory but one I’m interested to hear others experience on. Does your Adsense CTR go up on weekends?

31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 20

With the arrival of day 20 I feel as though we’re in the home stretch of the 31 Days Project here at ProBlogger. A couple of people have asked me in the last day or two whether every link I put up in these daily summary posts are links that I endorse the content of. I’ll answer that question below under today’s reader posts. Here they are:

My answer to the question of whether I agree with or endorse each post I’ve linked to in this project is to say that I want to create a space with this project for people to share their experience. I hope that in doing so we’ll find some helpful blog tips and will meet some talented new ProBloggers (or aspiring ones). This has already happened as many of the tips submitted so far are brilliant.

In the midst of the great links that I’ve put up have been other posts which I don’t resonate as much with. Some have confused me, a couple have written tips that I’m not so sure I agree with. However I decided at the start that I wouldn’t edit out submitted tips unless they were offensive or defamatory etc. Rather this is about creating a space for bloggers to share what they know (or think that they know). Hopefully through the discussion and reading we’ll all discern the wheat from the chaff and come out better bloggers.

I hope that answered the question.