Affiliate Programs – Clickbank

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Clickbank is another affiliate program that I know quite a few bloggers use. I’ve used it myself to promote a small selection of products with moderate success.

The product I’ve seen the most success with is Joel Comm’s What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense (affiliate link) which I reviewed here. I think I had some good results with this product because I’d personally read and used it and gave an honest appraisal with it for my readers. Personal recommendations are important with all affiliate sales – but especially with Clickbank as some of their products have a pretty average reputation.

Many of Clickbank’s products are e-books and software products – which are broken down into the categories of Business to Business, Computing & Internet, Fun & Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Money & Employment, Sports & Recreation, Home & Family, Marketing & Ads, Society & Culture.

As I note below – while the money can be good with Clickbank – you might pay for it with the ‘cheap and nasty’ feel that many of it’s products have. I would strongly recommend that you carefully consider which products you link to and suggest that you (or someone you trust) has personal experience of them before recommending them to readers.

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Six Figure Blogging – 200 Participants and Counting

I just spoke to Andy and he tells me that the free preview call for the Six Figure Blogging (7th September – 8pm Eastern US time) course that we’re running has already got over 200 people registered. We’re both really exciting about not only the call but the six weeks that follow where we’ll be exploring via a weekly tele conference call how bloggers can add income streams to their blogs. Some of those signed up are among the whose who of blogging so I’m starting to get a little nervous/excited.

If you’re planning to participate in the free preview call you need to register on the Six Figure Blogging Page. This will enable you to access the call either live or after the call to download it at your own convenience. Andy and I are hoping to make the call a worthwhile one in and of itself and hope that even those that don’t continue on with the rest of the paid course will take home something worthwhile out of it. The call will go for at least one hour – although looking at what we want to pack into the hour it could go even longer than that, especially if we’re able to take a few questions.

Also exciting is that a lot of bloggers have signed up as affiliates to the course. For each person they sign up as participants in the full course they’ll be paid a 50% commission. Sign up two people and you could use the money to sign up for free – or find yourself with a cool $325 in the bank.

Sign up for the affiliate program at affiliate program at Andy’s Blog and make use of the banners and buttons he’s put together there.

This is going to be fun – I’m really looking forward to getting it all under way in just a couple of weeks time. I hope you can join us for the free call!

Interview with Jason Kottke

Blogebrity interviews Jason Kottke at midway point of full-time blogging year about his decision to quit his job and go full time as a blogger – relying upon the support, through donations, of his readers. Blogebrity asks about whether Jason is considering putting ads on his blog and about how the contribution levels are currently going:

‘B: It seems close to the style used by advertising-supported blogs, in order to increase page views. Have you reconsidered putting ads on your blog?

K: Nope, haven’t reconsidered. No ads on, probably not ever.

B: How, if I may ask, is the contribution flow?

K: Oh, it’s trickled down to almost nothing. Which is fine…I don’t really advertise it. The initial 3-week push was enough for the year and most of the regular readers saw it at that point and either contributed or didn’t. I don’t want to beat anyone over the head about it.’

It will be fascinating to see how Jason goes when the second year’s drive for donations comes around. His blog has definitely changed in the past 6 months and I’ll be interested to watch how readers respond to another invitation to donate. Read Jason’s blog at

Yahoo Publisher Network Rev vs. Google Adsense Rev

How does the Yahoo Publisher Network compare to Adsense? This is the question on many bloggers lips – especially those who are not in the US and are excluded from the beta test. Those in this boat are watching beta testers carefully for any hints – most of which seem pretty positive.

Jen reported a few days back that YPN was doing better than Adsense was for her and today Paul Scrivens reports that he’s switching all of his sites over to YPN after massive improvements on one of his blogs after making the switch. He reports the following increases:

‘* August: 1112% of Google
* July-August: 189% of Google
* June-August: 80% of Google
* May-August: 56% of Google

What this means is that I have seen a 1112% increase in revenues for this month using Yahoo over this month’s Google. 189% just for the ten days of Yahoo in comparison to the whole month of July and part of August combined for Google!!!!’

Wow. If I was seeing improvements of between 56% and 1112% I’d be moving my sites over too.

Ok Yahoo! – I think its time to let some of us non US bods in on the act!

Overnight Blogging Success

Here is a quote from Paul Allen that I should be tattooed to the foreheads of all bloggers hoping to make it rich via their blogging efforts:

‘My brother Curt, founder of Folio Corp, former CEO of, and current CEO of Agilix, a venture-backed company, is fond of saying telling how his company was going to be an overnight success…after 10 years of hard work.

I believe that the single most important key to success in an online venture is doing the little things day after day for years and years until you magically reach the tipping point and everyone seems to have heard of you. In other words, persistence is required for most successful ventures.’

Last night I had just finished posting on 15 new digital cameras and printers that had been announced by Canon – it was 2am – and I was just about to close my laptop when my instant messenger beeped – signaling someone wanted a chat. 2am is not my favorite time of the day to start IM conversations but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened the window to find out who it was. It turned out to be a journalist from a pretty major online publication wanting an interview (glad I checked).

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Adsense Changes Announced

The Google Adsense team have been mighty busy in the past 24 hours with quite a few new features including section targeting, Search Query reports, Custom Reports, More Channels and Google Desktop Sidebar Adsense Status Plugin. Let me explain each below:

Section Targeting

As I mentioned a few weeks back – Google have been testing a system that allows publishers to highlight different keywords/sections of their blog that they want, or don’t want to have an impact upon the type of ads that they want to be served on their site. This feature is section targeting which they describe as follows:
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Experimental blogging.

Duncan has a useful post on experimenting with the design of your blog at Don’t be afraid to experiment. Well worth the read.

31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 22

Day 22 has arrived in the 31 Day Project and here are the submitted posts from readers.

Affiliate Programs – Amazon Associates

This post is part of a series on Affiliate Programs for Blogs

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon’s Associate Program is perhaps one of the most popular ones for bloggers because it is pretty simple to use and has such a wide range of products in their system ranging from books, to electronics, to jewelry, to CDs and DVDs etc. It’s also great because there are many tools that can be used to integrate it into your blog including WordPress Plug ins. Some bloggers even integrate Amazon stores into their blogs (something I need to get set up).

Another beauty of the Amazon program is the variety of ways that they give you to link to their products. Even using just their basic tools on the Associates page you have the option to link to products using text links, pictures, buttons and a variety of keyword triggered techniques.

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