31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 24

One is the loneliest number…. and today’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog reader submissions illustrate it – there’s just one.

  • William submitted Bill Gates for President?

Submit your blog tip by writing them up on your blog and letting me know of your URL.

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  1. And I’ve just proposed Robert Scoble for President. There’s going to be a lot of geeks on the stump next time round :-)

  2. damonp says:

    Post titles are everything for pulling in readers from feeds. You have two seconds to grab their interest, make it count. If you happen to be writing about something popular or polarizing, make sure its in the title.

  3. Gone Away says:

    Oh, we’re allowed to mention Bill Gates? In that case, this might amuse you: An Unlikely Dream. Doubt it’ll help you build a better blog, however… ;)

  4. Tom Hanna says:

    That headline might get him traffic…especially if something in the news involves Bill Gates and the President. I saw traffic at my Election 2008 Blog more than double last week when there was a hoax involving Christopher Walken running for President and I had done a couple of posts on it early in the game. It’s tempting to go do a post on Bill Gates now, in case that takes off….