Jensense on the Radio

If you’re online right now with nothing to do you might like to log onto Webmaster Radio to hear Jen from Talking YPN & AdSense. Listen to the live radio feed and jump into the online chat room – I’m there now.

Update: It’s all over and it was fun. I’ll include a few titbits from her talking about the Yahoo Publishing Network (YPN).

  • Jen said that EPC (earnings per click) is higher than Adsense – probably due to lack of publishers at present
  • Both CTR and Relevancy of Ads have increased in the past few days
  • YPN Seem to be hand reviewing sites that are on the network at this stage which will be good for attracting advertisers as only best sites will have the ads. This is a great selling point for YPN and will distinguish itself from Adsense which is sadly getting a reputation for having a lot of Scraper sites as publishers.
  • Between the YPN and Adsense they have pretty comparable in earnings potential – but YPN could well be pulling ahead in the last few days
  • .

  • Seems to be more corporation ads and less Mom and Pop type ads on YPN (perhaps explaining the higher EPC also?)
  • YPN is a little slower in getting ads up on new pages than Adsense – but its early days
  • YPN doesn’t have any alternate ad serving yet which is a big disadvantage – so you get Public Service Ads or Blank spots on your site.
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  1. Athomemama says:

    I have spent alot of time the last two days trying to convince Yahoo Ads that my site ( was not about gambling, has no gambling ties, and no gambling ads, etc. The computers that work there (yes, I mean what I wrote) cannot understand that the term “gaming” also refers to video games.


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