31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 17

It is day 17 of the 31 Day Project and here are today’s reader submissions which are, as usual, filled with good juicy blog tipping goodness:

Submit your own blog tip by writing it up on your blog and letting me know of the URL so I can link to it in a future daily summary.

This takes the total of articles at the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog HQ to 112 – with 78 reader submissions and 34 of my own. 14 days to go!

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  1. HART says:

    This takes the total of articles ….to 112 — with 78 reader submissions and 34 of my own.

    Good Stuff and good reading. Say .. how’s shirt sales going? That page you’ve created ../31-days/ is quite helpful and organized.

  2. Darren –

    wanted to let you know that this guy:

    is scraping your content. I noticed him on a trackback to my site.

  3. yunasville says:

    Darren, maybe you should think about licensing your site and its contents. It’s OK if people copy paste, but they have to include the original source and link.. Anyway, there are many ways to protect internet intellectual materials. If anybody has any suggestions, please comment on!

  4. Kurt says:

    I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that fair use is the issue here. I’m sure nobody has a problem with an excerpt of their posts being taken along with a link, but scraping like this is definitely a bit more of an issue, though still a gray area; for example, what about translations? My ‘7 Mistakes’ article early this week was translated into 2 other languages (that I know of); yes, they used my entire content, but at least they linked to me and had a legitamate purpose.

    Of course, sometimes you read too much into things and run the risk of excusing a no-good, dirty content stealer. :)