Google News Adds RSS

ProBloggers and RSS addicts everywhere are jumping up and down in their boxer shorts because Google News has finally added RSS feeds to its service! Wooohooo! I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes adding a series of feeds to my Bloglines account and am looking forward to seeing how it works. Hopefully this will eliminate quite a few News Alert emails each day and speed up my blogging.

Found via Blog Herald

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  1. marcel says:

    The each feed item includes a picture and up to three links to outside sources.


  2. Markus says:

    I added them to my bloglines too, but with no effect until now. Maybe the servcie is too beta… I will use google alert and rss for a while.

  3. Jakob says:

    Why is that so great? Google Alerts have been using feeds for a long, long time and with that service you’ll get news as well, right !

    So what’s new about this kind of news???


  1. Google News experimentiert mit RSS-Feed-Service

    Außer den Google-News Alert-Meldungen wird es in absehbarer Zeit wohl auch Google RSS-Feeds geben. Google News ist nun um einige News-Feeds ergänzt. Wie sich dieser Test entwickelt bleibt sicher abzuwarten. Absehbar war diese Entwicklung abe…