Another Jason Calacanis Fan Hits Adsense

Jason-CalacanisIt looks like someone doesn’t like Jason Calacanis – I just spotted this Adsense ad in Google when I did a search for his name.

You’ve got to wonder what gets into people’s minds to pay for ads like these to appear.

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  1. Kevin Burton says:

    Don’t click on the link.. they try to link to a VERY bad location.

    Darren.. you might want to blur out the URL. I’m sure Google will take this down soon enough.

  2. Stuart says:

    Some of them probably don’t have a lot of mind for anything to get into – or it’s something quite malicious as Kevin may have discovered.

  3. BankLocater says:

    They must have changed the page.
    Why is it a VERY bad location? It’s a very pointless location. Some might say it is funny.

  4. Too funny!

  5. Yep—sure enuf- the ad is still there when searching on Jason’s name…LOL
    He does like to throw it out there on his Blog.
    But so do I- who doesn’t?? ; )

  6. Amit Agarwal says:


    ..when I did a search for his name….

    You already seem to be a big fan of Jason.

    I like him too for his business skills.


  7. Andy says:

    Some people have too much money and are happier doing this than something worthwhile.

    At least if I disagree with someone I’ll say so (for free) on my blog – I’m not going to take out AdWords ads to do it.

    I doubt it will hurt Jason much. Whether that page develops into anything else remains to be seen. I suppose it could be a way of generating controversy and pagerank – c’mon we all visited it right?

    But, really, what would Mister T do? :)

  8. Jason says:

    according to the domain registration this ad was taken out by stankdawg, who’s panel at DEFCON I wrote a negative review of.

    I love the fact that people are paying for name… that’s funny. I’ll click their ad every time!

  9. AnonymousCoward says:

    It no longer links to it links to stankdawgs website..

  10. This is crazy… I can’t believe these sorts of ads slip through G’s filters.

  11. blah says:

    Interestingly enough, if you see stankdawgs presentation (which is avaiable on his website at he lists these techniques in it. I find it ironic that Jason wrote a negative review about the presentation but the very ideas and pranks mentioned are being used against him. :)

    I think Jason is eating a little crow myself. :P


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