Google Adsense Webinar Slides and Voiceover Released

Google has been running a number of webinars recently which they’ve made available to publishers to listen in on. One of the problems with these Webinars is that they can be difficult to access depending upon your time zone or schedule. Today they’ve released the slides and voiceover of their Reports Webinar which might be useful for some who missed the original webinar. Lets hope they do this on other webinars (both future and past ones).

It would also be nice if in future they’d include the question and answer sections of these webinars which can be the most informative part.

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  1. Michele says:

    Thanks for the link.

    The slides don’t give that much more information than what you would get if you explored the interface.

    As you said, the timing of these “webinars” is awkward for those of us outside the US. Maybe they might start offering them regionally in the future. It would be a lot better for all parties concerned.

  2. Miha says:

    Here are questions and answers from the webinar.

  3. Jon says:

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  4. Miha: Thanks for pointing at my blog about the Webinar.

    What I actually blogged about the AdSense Optimization Webinar which took place on August 2nd, which is different from the Reports Webinar which Darren mentioned.

    I have a whole series of blog entries about the Optimization Webinar.



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