31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 4

Ok we’re flying now – 4 days in with just 27 to go in the 31 days to building a better blog project!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with this series you can get a quick overview of what we’ve covered so far at a new summary page I’ve just written which til the end of the month will be 31 Days Project Headquarters

My blog tips at the moment are focussing mainly upon the Declaring War on Blog Apathy Series of posts but readers are continuing to submit tips of their own which I recommend you check out and interact with. Keep writing up your blog tips and letting me know about them – I’d love to send you some readers.

  • Denise O’Berry has a post titled ‘Business Blogging – What Do I Say?‘ which tackles the problem of working out what to write on your business Blog.
  • Gone Away suggested we check out The Writers Buzz which is a blog for writers about writing.
  • Syntagma has submitted a second post – this one with gives blog tips for ‘writers’ and ‘authors’ (part 1).
  • Whilst not written for this 31 days project Productivity Tips for Avid Blog Readers is a good read for those of you who not only write blogs but those who read them also. Reading blogs is an important part of researching your own content so hopefully these tips will be worthwhile.
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  1. Drew Whittle says:

    My Tip would be to alway be prepared to think outside of the square. For an example of this check out what I did today: A Problem becomes a solution


  1. Blogaholics says:

    My Ten Blogs

    Time for some self-analysis. Which blogs would I Take to a Desert Island? Well, in no particular order (too difficult!), here they are: 1. Popgadget – because I love to relax and share quirky gadgets and funny things 2….