31 Days to Building a Better Blog – Day 3

It’s day 3 of the ProBlogger project to better our blogs in 31 days. I’ve just posted the last post in the Strategic Blogging mini series and am about to kick into a new series of posts on a topic that I sense a lot of bloggers (including myself) probably need to think through – Blog Apathy (stay tuned).

As well as the posting that I’ve been doing more readers have been submitting their own blog tips on a range of topics. Here are the ones I’ve been notified of in the past 24 hours (there are some quality posts here – I highly recommend you visit them and participate in the learning):

Thanks for those who’ve been submitting tips – but also to those of you who are visiting these links. I’ve heard back from a number of those who have participated that they’ve had quite a bit of traffic as a result and are making some good new friends. I’m also pleased to report I’m learning already too and am looking forward to what the community of ProBlogger comes up with next!

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  1. IO ERROR says:

    Don’t forget the Google Sitemaps Generator for WordPress, which automatically updates your sitemap and pings Google when you post. It also adds in your static pages, and lets you add in pages which exist outside WordPress as well.

  2. LA says:

    This blog is awesome. It’s been extremely helpful!
    I can honestly say that this blog is a large part of the reason why my blog has been successful. I’ve learned tons of things here!

    Keep up the great work Darren!

  3. How about this tip:

    Take a break.

    You take vacations from work (at least in theory). You take vacations from school. Take a vacation from blogging.

    Your blog will still be there. Thanks to the magic of RSS, most of your readers will be too.

  4. Gone Away says:

    Your series is proving extremely helpful in that it coincides with a new project I’m working on with Deborah Woehr at The Writers Buzz. Although you are concentrating on earning money from blogging, I find that almost everything you say can be adapted and applied to writers’ blogs too. Great stuff!

  5. Peter, if you want to take a break, WordPress has a great feature that lets you post items at a future date. I currently have a month of content queued up on my blog, so even if I don’t feel like posting for a week or two, the blog will still tick over and keep the traffic up.

    Of course, while I’m not there I won’t be posting about current events or responding to comments etc, but it’s better than not having any new content at all for a few weeks.


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