T-Shirt Competition – Entries Closed

I’ve just closed the T-Shirt Competition Entry period and will begin to sort through the 60+ entries that have been received. I’m really pleased with the wonderful array of entries which display some true creativity from readers of ProBlogger. A big thank you to all who’ve participated.

It might take us a few days to get to a decision on the winner – we’re toying with the idea of narrowing down the field and then allowing readers to vote on their favorite (although I’m not convinced about voting plug-ins and poll systems which in my experience can be rigged).

The other option to put the voting in the hands of the readership is for us to narrow down the field to 5 designs and then make all 5 available for purchase. The winner would be the design that sells the most in the first week or so of sale.

I guess ultimately that would decide which is the most popular without much chance of it being rigged.

What do you think of that? Does it sound fair?

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  1. Neil Camp says:

    I like the idea of opening the voting to us the “viewer.” That way your fans can pick which design we like best. There were a lot of nice designs out there, so choosing will be tough!

  2. Matt says:

    That sounds perfectly fair. And the losing designs will become instant collector’s items when you become a Blogging celebrity. :)

  3. markus says:

    yes, open a vote (and tell me which system you will use for this, a WordPress plugin?).
    I think it is better to give us the chance to buy the shirt we like, so a chance to have up to 5 shirts would be good.

  4. Randy says:

    Yes, let us vote by buying a T-Shirt or two. I’m looking forward to buying one. In fact I’ll probably buy a few if you put more than one design up for sale and I like them.

    I vote for making a few available and watching to see which one wins from sales.

  5. retzwerx says:

    sounds good to me, hehe. goodluck to all!

  6. Michelle says:

    That sounds fair; I can’t wait to see the other designs.

  7. Blaine Moore says:

    Voting by sales is a good idea. It is a lot like a contest amongst non-profits (described at for example) where the winner is the one that can get the most donations.

  8. I’m interested in seeing these 60+ designs before they make it to any shirt. Any chance you can zip them up and offer the file as a download so we can satisfy our curiosity?

  9. HART says:

    Well, I’d probably buy a shirt if one of my designs were in the top 5 … *nudge,nudge,say no more*

  10. Chris H says:

    As one who submitted, I’m more comfortable with the decision being made only by ProBlogger staff.

    Maybe ProBlogger could pick their favorite and award prizes to its creator, but also allow a people’s favorite and have a second prize for it – such as consulting and links.