18-24 year olds Lap up New Media

A study by BigResearch shows that the biggest users of blogs are the 18-24 age group with 29.6% saying that they regularly or occasionally use blogs. This is in comparison to 21.7% of 25-34 year olds, 15.5% of 35-54 year olds and 11.4% of the 55+ age group.

‘“The 18-24 year olds are digital nomads who have adopted new media more readily than any other age group,” said Joe Pilotta, PhD, BIGresearch’s VP of research. “Not only do they use new media more, they are influenced by it much more than any other age group, when it comes to making purchase decisions. Which says that they have integrated new media in their daily lives,” said Pilotta.’

Sounds like a real opportunity to me!

Blogging Rhythms – 1

Warning – Tangent Ahead! (I do get onto blogging eventually)

All of my friends are having babies.

It’s a wonderful thing actually – the pitter patter of little feet in our social lives is a really beautiful thing on so many levels. V and I enjoy our time with our friends so much – it seems every second day is cuddle time!

One of the things I’ve noticed about babies and our friends lives though is that they have their own distinct rhythms. Each baby we know has it’s own times for waking up, for feeding, for sleeping, for playing and for – well for making smells. No two babies are quite alike in this way.

I was chatting to a mate last week about this and his advice to me (not that we’re close to parenthood yet) is that it’s essential as a parent to be aware of your baby’s rhythm and to work with it rather than to fight it. Sure there are times when you might want to try and reprogram sleeping times – but to get into the rhythm of the baby’s life is a great starting point and is an essential part of a healthy life (for baby and parent).

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Survey: 46% of Bloggers are in it for Money

Jim Kukral is releasing information from the BlogKits Survey of bloggers that he did a while back over at ReveNews and finds that 36% of blogger maintain blogs primarily because they like to write.

There’s nothing too profound in that – but the other categories show the increasing focus upon money that bloggers have with 28% saying ‘It’s fun and I can maybe earn a buck while I’m at it ‘ and a further 18% saying ‘to make money’. So that’s a grand total of 46% of bloggers who blog with money on their minds.

Of course this survey was done at BlogKits which is a blog advertising program so we should expect that a certain percentage of respondents would be interested in blogging for money. So whilst we probably can’t say 48% of ALL bloggers do so with money as a motivation (although it makes a nice headline) I think the figures do represent an increased focus upon commercial blogging for many.

Read more of these results at Bloggers Like To Write First, Make Money Second

ProBlogger Secret Project

Someone asked me this morning what the ‘secret new project’ that I’m working on is – I pointed them to this. Time to take on the big boys!

Make yours here.

found via Steve

BlogStar Advertising Network

warning: read to the bottom of this post to the update

I just stumbled upon another new blog advertising network – BlogStar Network.

They present themselves as:

‘a mesh of influential blogs and bloggers who are open to and accept association with corporate sponsors and advertisers. The Blog Star Network recognizes and utilizes the power of Consumer Generated Media to allow corporations to communicate their message through Blogs by way of advertising, testimonials and product reviews. Bloggers and Blog owners are compensated for their participation in corporate communications based on reach and involvement.’

Whilst they don’t go into too much detail it looks like an interesting service that I’d like to know more about. Digging into things a little more – the people behind BlogStar are MindComet – ‘The Relationship Agency’.

Of course MindComet are the people behind Blog in Space – a service that offers to transmit your blog into space so aliens can read it. Hmmm – not sure people wanting to take blogging to aliens are the type of people I want selling my advertising!

update: a little more digging today and I find that Blogstar seem to be arranging for companies to pay bloggers to post about their products. The worry to me about it is that they don’t have any disclaimers in these posts saying that they are paid for comment type posts. This doesn’t seem right to me and isn’t something I’d recommend bloggers really get into.

ProBlogger T-Shirt Design Competition – The Entries so Far

It’s just passed the half way point in the ProBlogger T-Shirt design competition and ask I mentioned in the original call for entries I’m today posting the entries submitted so far. Below you’ll see 16 26
entries (although one of them has 4 on it which we’ll separate later). Some are still in draft form I’m told.

Entries are still open until 31 July so submit your entry before then to win $100 (USD) of products from Amazon, some blog consulting from me, a free T-Shirt and a little bit of promotion from Get the full details of prizes and entry requirements here.

The entries so far are below (click to enlarge) – feel free to tell us which is your favorite so far below and which (if any) you would buy on a T-Shirt. If you think you could do better – feel free to submit your own design. [Read more…]

Distinctions between Blogs with Ads and Blogs Without

Here’s a quote for the day from Dave Winer for us to ponder – I’m interested in your thoughts in comments below:

‘A blog without ads is itself an ad, interesting to a small number of people. Blogs with ads, like their print counterparts, strive to be as broad as possible, to reach as many people, and in doing so, lose their value as an ad for the author.’

I’m not sure I completely agree with Mr Winer on this one. In fact many of the blogs that I see with ads these days focus right in on a small target (quite the opposite of broad appeal) of readers who are interested in a niche. In doing so the author potentially becomes a real authority in the niche as a result of his or her blog. One of the blogs that comes to mind on this is Reiter’s Camera Phone Report.

Alan Reiter is the author of this blog which has become quite legendary in it’s niche. From what I can tell Alan has made quite a name for himself as a result of this blog which has ads and which has a very focused topic and readership.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting Dave’s point – but to me it doesn’t make much sense. I’m interested in others comments.

Adsense – Scheduled Maintenance

If you notice your Adsense reports don’t update as normal today (July 22nd in the USA but 23rd here in Australia) it’s because there is an update scheduled according to the Adsense Rep at Webmaster World who writes:

‘I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, July 22, 2005, between approximately 9 PM – 11 PM Pacific Time we will be conducting scheduled AdSense maintenance. During this time, you may not be able to access the ‘My Accounts’ tab of your account.

Your earnings will continue to accrue during this timeframe, and will appear in your reports after the maintenance is complete.’

Read more at ASA Alert

Principles of Choosing a Profitable Blog Topic

B.L Ochman has a post in which she summarizes information gleaned from an interview with Stephan Spencer who gives some solid advice on starting a blog. Here are two of his suggestions:

‘- Pick a very narrow topic. Nowadays even a blog specifically about Google is too broad. There is a blog about Google AdSense – now that’s nice and narrow, he says. “You are more likely to be seen as an expert in a narrow topic area.”

– Make sure you have enough content to be able to keep the blog going.’

Stephan’s approach is very similar to my own.

I was chatting on the phone to a reader wanting to start her first blog today. As we talked I realized that in choosing the right topic for a new commercial blog there are many factors that you want to weigh up and attempt to find some balance in. Some of these factors include:

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