AdSense Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Digital Point’s forums has an interesting post announcing an Adsense plugin for WordPress with the following features.

* Define unlimited AdSense ad styles for use in your WordPress blog posts.
* Use multiple, different AdSense blocks within a single post.
* Enable/disable individual ad blocks with two clicks.
* Enable/disable where ads are shown (home page, post pages, archives, search pages, etc.)
* Change ad styles globally from the control panel.
* Includes an AdSense Preview tool within the AdSense-Deluxe control panel for quickly viewing the ads Google would place on a given web page.
* WordPress 1.5+ compatible (requires 1.5 or later)
* Simple installation, no understanding of plugin code or PHP required.
* [naturally, …] it’s free!

I’ve not tested it so can’t comment on how good it is – but it seems to have some good features.

Thanks to William for the tip

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  1. Kashif says:

    Great!! I have implemented adsense manually on my blog. Will definetly try out this plugin.

  2. Tinus says:

    Could be usable to switch styles everytime the visitor loads another page so the ads get more attention.

  3. If it works as good as all that, this might be what nudges me into finally putting AdSense on my blog. The thought of not having to flip around multiple tabs to manage AdSense stuff is a pleasant one!

  4. andy says:

    That’s pretty neat. I currently have it plugged in manually, too. I’ve been trying to figure out how I could maybe enter ad just below the fold when I use a More… link. This might be just the thing.

    Thanks for the pointer, Darren.

  5. Michele says:

    It’s a very nice implementation and I know the author is planning to add more features to it

  6. markus says:

    this is realy a good one. I’m not using it on my main blog, but on several others.
    With the adsenselogger plugin in combination this is the best to optimize the use of your adsense ads.
    I’m looking forward to earn more than darren ;)

  7. Wayne says:

    Michele (poster a couple up) is correct that I continue to tweak the plug-in (I’m the author of Adsense-Deluxe for WordPress). Current version is 0.4 and v0.5 should be going out this weekend. I think it’s wrapped. In fact, I’ve listened to Michele’s and several other users’ requests and gotten some good ideas. Thanks to feedback I added the QuickTags drop-down menu which lists all your defined ad styles for easy insertion. This imminent update contains another user’s request, that being the ability to call a function within your templates to insert an ad unit there (which for those who have tried the plugin and seen the admin interface, means you can now easily switch the ad style used in your templates as easily as for the posts, and it’s a step closer to being able to track the total number of ad units contained on a page to avoid placing more than the 3-max allowed by AdSense).

    I built this plugin for my own use after getting inspired by the original adsense WP plugin from phil hord. He was on the right track, but I wanted the flexibility of using different ad styles in different posts and changing my mind about what’s used where on a global basis.

    So I’m not usually much of a self-promoter, but in this case I think anyone using AdSense on a WP 1.5+ blog ought to at least have a look at the plug-in. Takes basically no technical knowledge other than dropping the plugin file into your blog directory.

    thanks for the mention, Darren. Great looking blog, too!

  8. unhealthy says:

    i have been using this plug-in in my blog, though I dont get much traffic since my site is less than a month old, this plugin works like magic!

  9. i have been using Zoundry to post journal to my blog at, is wordpress as blog poster online software or what?

  10. ross says:

    can you put adsense between specific posts, like say after post 2, 5, and 8? like CGI inbetween plugin?

  11. Serge says:

    I used to work with Adsense DeLux for 2 years. And it was stable as it is now.

  12. vatan says:

    how i stable this?

  13. jazzianbutt says:

    is it compatible with wordpress 2.6.2?