Chinese Blog to List on NASDAQ

China Economic Net has an article on a Chinese Blogge, Fang Xingdong, who is looking at listing his blogging business on the NASDAQ.

‘One of China’s most well-known bloggers hopes to ride the current boom in personal online journals and transform his blog site into a U.S.-listed Internet giant.

“We are building a blog-based portal and we will be the first blogger ever to list on the NASDAQ,” chairman and chief executive officer Fang Xingdong said.

Fang, who previously made a living as an online commentator, or blogger, said the company would receive US$10 million in financing next month from three American venture capitalists, Hong Kong-based venture capitalist Softbank Investment International and a mainland investor. He declined to name the individual investors as the transaction has yet to be finalized.’

The mind boggles at the massive potential readership of Chinese blogs and the numbers of bloggers that a country of that size could generate. The opportunities are definitely there and dwarf most of the blog projects that many of us in the West hold up as ‘big’. It’s a story to watch!

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  1. Teli says:

    That’s what I call – thinking big :D…and it definitely gives the Western Hemisphere something to think about.

  2. Lei says:

    Now, if only China would quit censoring, blocking, and requiring mandatory registration of blogs.


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