Playing with Adlink Units

I’ve been playing around with Adsense ad link units tonight and am trailing them in some new positions on a couple of my blogs over the next few days. Regular readers will no doubt spot their new position here at ProBlogger pretty quickly. If not – look up.

I got my inspiration from Nathan at Inside Google. I’m not completely satisfied with how it looks on this blog – seems a little out of balance but I’ll let you know how they go after a few days.

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  1. At first I thought you’d gotten some new categories – I was shocked to find you’d opened a whole new category on ‘Merchant Accounts’ (I was looking at your ebook-selling post) until I figured out what was going on.

    Hope it goes well for you, you know we’re all dying to find out if it’s successful.

  2. Greg says:

    At first I didn’t see it, if it doesn’t go too well I think a good place to put them would be under the 3 blocks.

  3. Ian McKenzie says:

    I noticed them in much the same way as the first commentor. I thought they were some type of navigation, at first glance. I’d be interested in hearing how they perform for you.

  4. Allen Heat says:

    Nice placement :), that’s all i have to say…


  5. HART says:

    Yup. Another reason why I’d buy your e-book… “sneaky way #106 how to trick your readers into clicking fake navigation links on your blog”. I’m with Danger Stevens (1) and Ian McKenzie (3) comments and was also fooled… but, liked it so much that I just added it to my ‘single.php’ page in wordpress templates. PS: I enjoy subscribing to your feed ..

  6. Anthony says:

    I’m a regular reader and I didn’t notice the new Adlink Units until you mentioned it in this post. Though it will probably be a good move based on the comments here to you could assume an increase in CTR via search engine visitors.

  7. IO ERROR says:

    I’ve got a 468×15 link unit just above my content, and it’s not only bringing in about 2/3 of my adsense revenue, but my revenue overall is way up. Not that that means much with as little traffic as I get, but I’ll take all I can get…

  8. Dave says:

    Its interesting that I saild straight over them – maybe I’m just blind to ads? OR, maybe its that I’m so used to looking at the orang’y tag/headline followed by black text that the all black text advert subconciously was ignored.

    How about trying to get the ad link header to contain the orange – that way people scanning the page may well read the add as well?

    Sneaky – yes, worthwhile – possibly?

    Just a thought.


  9. Shai Coggins says:

    I completely missed it as well. I had to go look for it. I’d probably agree with Greg on this and maybe try under the 3 block if that one doesn’t work well.

  10. Interesting placement. Covers your logo improperly though.

  11. Tom says:

    I was looking down by your search box at first, very interesting placement indeed.

  12. wwinfo says:

    Been looking at those for my site, but they might not quite fit. Also I am not sure if I want users to be fooled into clicking the links, thinking they were navigation.

    Let us know if your CTR increases.