Blog Tip: Shake it Up

The following blog tip has been submitted by Jon Gales – the editor of the wonderful MobileTracker blog. Learn more about Jon from this interview we did with him earlier in the year.

Sometimes being a pro blogger means being a sole blogger, but that’s not always the best cawe. Try and bring in other contributors from time to time to shake things up and provide another voice for your readers.

If you can’t afford to pay people, that’s not always a problem. Writers need exposure, something that you can offer for free. This post itself is an example of unpaid writing, I decided to write it because I consider Darren a friend and I want to further the helpful relationship we have. In the future if I need a guest poster, I have full confidence that Darren would be happy to come to my aid.

Having multiple voices on a site helps equal out bias and stylisic monotony. It’s also nice to get a break :).

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  1. Ken says:

    Agreed, on that point. Darren has been very kind and generous with his advice.

    It’s also been mutually beneficial as I’ve been guest blogging on his digital photography and printers blog. Besides giving his blogs a different perspective, my site has seen a huge jump in traffic that has helped me garner new readers.

  2. David says:

    I have to agree… I have not received a huge jump in traffic, but it has gone up a bit, and also from commenting here or writing more about articles seen here, I have been able to meet some wonderful new people.

  3. flashlight says:

    Absolutely agree with David. The extra traffic has been nice – I’ve notice my feedburner subscription going up quite a bit – but more importantly I’ve made some really excellent connections through the comments. I’ve met a couple of my co-writers, and in one case we’re doing some work together (gee, don’t know how that link will be interpreted. Darren, you need a preview button on this thing!)

  4. Nicole Simon says:

    Why are you complaining? You can edit the comments ;))

  5. flashlight says:

    Ahh, you’re assuming I know my way around wordpress! I made a solumn promise to Darren not to mess things up!

  6. flashlight says:

    Has anyone noticed that the number of people subscribed to this feed has gone UP while Darren’s away?

    You know you’re good when you can go away for a month and your numbers go up!

  7. Ken says:

    I think its you’re good when you can get others to guest blog on your site.

    The amount of quality bloggers that Darren was able to bring together is mind blowing. I’ve been finding so many great blogs just reading comments and checking out the guest bloggers own blogs.

  8. George says:

    Reading this site makes me realize how much I don’t know. I will be spending alot of time learning. Thank you for this info.